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A character depicted has only one eye. This includes both characters who have lost an eye and those who naturally have only one (such as cyclops).

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 2013 2boys bed chair claws cyclops dated extra_arms glasses green_eyes indoors mike_wazowski monster_boy monsters_university multiple_boys no_humans one-eyed open_mouth playing punkatory randall_boggs rug sharp_teeth sketch smile sweatdrop teeth twister
1girl 5boys ^_^ animalization black_eyes brown_eyes bubble closed_eyes clownfish colored_skin coral cyclops dagon_(jujutsu_kaisen) dory_(finding_nemo) finding_nemo fish flying_sweatdrops grin hanami_(jujutsu_kaisen) jogo_(jujutsu_kaisen) jujutsu_kaisen logo_parody looking_at_another mahito_(jujutsu_kaisen) marlin multiple_boys musical_note nemo_(finding_nemo) ocean octopus one-eyed open_mouth purple_eyes red_skin regal_blue_tang sakananomiyako school_of_fish sea_anemone seafloor seaweed signature simple_fish smile spoken_character stitched_face stitches teeth tentacles tuna upper_teeth_only
 1980s_(style) army battle beam_rifle beam_saber damaged energy_gun gundam gundam_mk_ii hizack machinery marasai mecha mobile_suit no_humans official_art oldschool one-eyed painting_(medium) promotional_art realistic retro_artstyle robot scan science_fiction shield shoulder_spikes space spikes takani_yoshiyuki thrusters traditional_media v-fin weapon zero_gravity zeta_gundam
 1boy altventurer_(regis_altare) axelotl_(axel_syrios) boots colored_sclera commentary creature dark_background english_commentary feet foot_focus gavis_bettel gavis_bettel_(2nd_costume) hakkito_(banzoin_hakka) high_heel_boots high_heels highres holostars holostars_english koipanion_(josuiji_shinri) legs_together lower_body male_focus one-eyed phantom_(gavis_bettel) pointy_footwear r-trus_(machina_x_flayon) rainycoffeebean shiny_clothes solo_focus standing thigh_boots twitter_username virtual_youtuber yellow_sclera zipper
 2boys akasuzu3641 annoyed black_dress black_nails black_teeth blush blush_stickers cheek_poking chibi cloak colored_skin cork cowboy_shot cyclops dress fur-trimmed_cloak fur_trim green_cloak grey_skin highres holding holding_chibi holding_toy jogo_(jujutsu_kaisen) jujutsu_kaisen mahito_(jujutsu_kaisen) male_focus monster_boy multiple_boys one-eyed out_of_frame poking print_cloak red_eyes shaking signature sitting smile spotted_cloak stitched_arm stitches sweatdrop swirl toy volcano
 1boy closed_mouth expressionless facial_hair forehead goatee golden_kamuy greyscale highres kyuu_(ttt_28) lips looking_at_viewer male_focus monochrome ogata_hyakunosuke one-eyed portrait short_hair solo straight-on

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