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Tag type: General

For eyes that shine just a little brighter than naturally.

If only a single eye is glowing, use glowing_eye instead.

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 absurdres armor aura axe battle_axe dark_aura fake_horns full_armor full_body glowing glowing_armor glowing_eyes glowing_weapon helmet highres holding holding_shield holding_weapon horned_helmet horns iron_(solo_leveling) kirt_victor looking_at_viewer open_mouth shield shoulder_armor solo_leveling standing weapon
 absurdres aura bear bear_paws cross_scar dark_aura glowing glowing_eyes highres kirt_victor looking_at_viewer no_humans scar solo_leveling standing tank_(solo_leveling)
 aura colored_skin dark_aura energy_ball fangs glowing glowing_eyes highres hood horns kirt_victor open_mouth red_skin shadow shaman solo_leveling standing teeth tusk_(solo_leveling) zodiac_wheel
 1boy armor black_armor black_background blonde_hair blue_eyes breaking closed_mouth dimitri_alexandre_blaiddyd fire_emblem fire_emblem:_three_houses glass glowing glowing_eyes hair_between_eyes highres loooooneutral male_focus missing_eye narrowed_eyes nintendo simple_background solo upper_body
 black_coat black_hair capybara coat glowing glowing_eyes highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon kagurabachi rokuhira_chihiro scar sword weapon
 absurdres armor aura black_cape building cape dark_aura full_armor full_moon glowing glowing_eyes glowing_sword glowing_weapon highres igris_(solo_leveling) kirt_victor knight looking_at_viewer moon night shadow solo solo_leveling standing weapon

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