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Eyes that are simply a pair of dots.

Often found on chibi drawings. Some characters have it by default:

Kero (from Cardcaptor_Sakura)
Ditto, Quagsire (from Pokemon)

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If the eyes are too big to be dots, they are solid_circle_eyes instead.

See also o_o for non-solid circle eyes

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 ._. 1girl :3 animal_hood blue_hair blue_hoodie blunt_bangs building car chibi commentary english_commentary fence fins fish_tail gawr_gura gawr_gura_(1st_costume) hair_ornament hololive hololive_english hood hoodie looking_at_viewer motor_vehicle multicolored_hair outdoors photo-referenced photo_background real_world_location road shark_girl shark_hair_ornament shark_hood shark_tail solid_circle_eyes solo standing streaked_hair street sunlight tail torororose virtual_youtuber
 ._. 1girl ;d animal animal_hug bare_shoulders blush bow commentary cropped_torso green_eyes hair_bow heart highres kuma_(pripara) long_hair manaka_laala nojima_minami one_eye_closed open_mouth pink_bow pretty_series pripara purple_hair simple_background smile solo stuffed_animal stuffed_toy symbol-only_commentary teddy_bear twintails upper_body yellow_background
 ._. 6+boys afterimage brown_hair chibi clone commentary_request face_in_shadow flailing furrowed_brow genba_neko_(meme) grey_hoodie hallway highres hood hood_up hoodie indoors isometric leaning_to_the_side long_sleeves male_focus meme multiple_boys napoli_no_otokotachi no_mouth poster_(object) reiro_(0ta_ta_) shu3_(napoli_no_otokotachi) sign standing standing_on_one_leg subway_station the_exit_8 tile_floor tile_wall tiles
 ._. 1girl 2boys arashiyama_girl back-to-back bag black_footwear black_hair black_jacket black_pants blonde_hair blunt_bangs bow brown_footwear chulip copyright_name cosplay crossover drop_shadow flower gakuran gakuseibou hair_bow hat highres holding holding_letter jacket japanese_cylindrical_postbox letter long_hair looking_ahead looking_at_another looking_back multiple_boys multiple_views napoli_no_otokotachi orange_background outline pants power_lines profile protagonist_(chulip) protagonist_(chulip)_(cosplay) red_bow red_flower red_tulip school_uniform short_hair shoulder_bag simple_bird sitting slap_mark slap_mark_on_face sugiru_(napoli_no_otokotachi) suuno_kamibukuro tearing_up tulip undercut utility_pole white_outline yellow_eyes
 ._. 2boys arm_cannon chiha_bobobo clenched_teeth commentary_request creatures_(company) crossover facial_hair fire fireman.exe game_freak gen_4_pokemon goatee hands_on_own_hips highres magmortar male_focus mega_man_(series) mega_man_battle_network_(series) mega_man_battle_network_4 mr._match_(mega_man) multiple_boys nintendo no_mouth pokemon pokemon_(creature) red_hair simple_background teeth weapon white_background
 ._. 1boy chiha_bobobo colored_sclera commentary_request computer creatures_(company) crossover facial_hair fire flameman.exe game_freak gen_5_pokemon goatee green_fire litwick long_hair male_focus mega_man_(series) mega_man_battle_network_(series) mega_man_battle_network_3 mr._match_(mega_man) nintendo on_head pokemon pokemon_(creature) red_hair yellow_sclera

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