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Tag type: Artist

Representative work: Axis powers Hetalia

Japanese name: 日丸屋秀和

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>_< >_o 1boy ahoge america_(hetalia) arms_up axis_powers_hetalia black_pants blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_jacket blurry blurry_background blush border burger buttons closed_eyes closed_mouth collarbone collared_shirt comic commentary_request cup disposable_coffee_cup disposable_cup doughnut eating food food_on_face french_fries gloves halftone hands_up hat himaruya_hidekazu holding holding_food holding_tray indoors inline_skates jacket letterman_jacket long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus napkin one_eye_closed open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth outside_border pants parted_bangs red_hat red_shirt restaurant roller_skates shirt short_hair short_sleeves sign sitting skates smile solo sparkle star-shaped_pupils star_(symbol) stretching swept_bangs symbol-shaped_pupils thumbs_up tray v-shaped_eyebrows visor_cap waiter white_border white_gloves white_pants white_shirt
2boys :d axis_powers_hetalia black_footwear black_gloves black_hair black_headwear black_jacket black_pants blonde_hair blue_necktie blurry blurry_background blush boots building bulgaria_(hetalia) city closed_mouth coat collared_coat collared_shirt commentary_request crying crying_with_eyes_open gloves green_eyes hat unworn_hat unworn_headwear highres himaruya_hidekazu jacket lapels lens_flare long_sleeves looking_at_another male_focus medium_hair multiple_boys necktie night night_sky open_mouth outdoors outstretched_arm pants red_coat red_eyes romania_(hetalia) shirt shoes short_hair sky smile swept_bangs tears v-shaped_eyebrows wavy_mouth white_shirt wing_collar
1boy ^_^ axis_powers_hetalia beanie bear black_pants blonde_hair blurry blurry_background blush border breath brown_gloves brown_headwear canada_(hetalia) chibi closed_eyes cold comic commentary_request constellation cup disposable_coffee_cup disposable_cup flying_sweatdrops fur-trimmed_jacket fur_trim glasses gloves hat himaruya_hidekazu holding holding_cup hug jacket kumajirou_(hetalia) lens_flare male_focus night night_sky open_mouth orange_jacket outdoors outside_border pants parted_bangs polar_bear pom_pom_(clothes) red_scarf scarf semi-rimless_eyewear short_hair sitting sky smile speech_bubble star_(sky) star_(symbol) starry_sky steam teardrop telescope tree under-rim_eyewear white_border
1boy axis_powers_hetalia black_pants blurry blurry_background brown_eyes brown_hair character_name dark-skinned_male dark_skin gloves himaruya_hidekazu jacket jacket_over_head unworn_jacket lens_flare looking_at_viewer male_focus motor_vehicle motorcycle muscular muscular_male open_mouth pants pectoral_cleavage pectorals photo_background rain shirt skirt smile tank_top wet wet_clothes wet_shirt white_gloves white_skirt
 1boy axis_powers_hetalia black_eyes black_hair blurry blurry_background crotch expressionless fundoshi gloves highres himaruya_hidekazu holding holding_sword holding_weapon japan_(hetalia) japanese_clothes katana lake looking_to_the_side male_focus nature nipples official_art outdoors scenery short_hair sword topless_male tree wading weapon white_gloves
animal_ears animal_hands animal_hood axis_powers_hetalia black_hoodie blonde_hair blue_eyes blurry blurry_background brothers fangs germany_(hetalia) gloves hair_slicked_back halloween halloween_costume himaruya_hidekazu hood hoodie kemonomimi_mode looking_at_viewer male_focus muscular muscular_male official_art open_mouth pants paw_gloves prussia_(hetalia) rabbit_hood shaded_face siblings tail white_hair white_pants wolf_boy wolf_ears wolf_tail

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