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Tag type: General

The teat of the mammary gland.

Unlike the breasts tag, and the related breast size tags, nipples and covered_erect_nipples are not always dual tagged. This is because erect nipples can be seen through clothing, while the nipples tag must only be used when nipples are plainly obvious, either in clear view, or through transparent clothing. And, of course, nipples are not continuously erect.

Derivative tags:

puffy_nipples (when the areola of the nipple is puffy)
areola_slip (when the areola of the nipple is visible, but the central protrusion is not)
nipple_slip (when the nipple is accidentally revealed due to either bouncing_breasts or wardrobe_malfunction. Caution: this tag is semantically similar to areola_slip, but is only used for accidental nipple slips, where areola_slip is used whenever the areola is visible)


nipple_tweak (distinct from nipple_pinch in that it is a twisting motion of the nipple, not a simple pinch)
nipple_penetration (insertion of an object into a nipple)
reverse_nipple_penetration (insertion of an erect nipple into an orifice)
nipple_bondage (pulling of the nipple by a rope or line, from a piercing, clip, or knot around the nipple body)
nipple_erection (an animation of nipples becoming erect)

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