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Tag type: General

Used where two people look directly into each others eyes. Not for images where two people simply face each other and have their eyes closed, avert their gaze, or stare directly through the fourth wall.

Use looking_at_another when someone looks at someone else, without eye contact.
For cases when someone is making eye contact with the person from whose point of view a pov image is being seen from, please use looking_at_viewer + pov instead.
If the person is staring directly through the fourth wall (i.e. simply looking at the camera), without any pov being involved, use looking_at_viewer only.

Excepting possible cases where there are multiple couples in an image, eye_contact and looking_at_viewer should be mutually exclusive.

See also

couple (somewhat often correlated)

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 1boy 1girl blonde_hair closed_eyes closed_mouth commentary_request dreaming eye_contact green_hair hetero highres kabedon land_(sousou_no_frieren) long_hair looking_at_another perutore shirt short_hair sleeping smile sousou_no_frieren thought_bubble ubel_(sousou_no_frieren) white_shirt
 2girls akemi_homura black_hair blush bobujirou crying dress eye_contact floating frilled_dress frills full_body highres holding_hands interlocked_fingers kaname_madoka long_hair looking_at_another magical_girl mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mary_janes multiple_girls pantyhose pink_hair purple_eyes shoes smile twintails yuri
 2boys ao_isami black_hair blonde_hair couple dog_tags earbuds earphones eye_contact face-to-face facial_hair hawaiian_shirt lewis_smith looking_at_another maji_(m) male_focus monochrome multiple_boys official_alternate_costume shirt sideburns_stubble stubble thick_eyebrows toned toned_male upper_body yaoi yuuki_bakuhatsu_bang_bravern
 2boys absurdres ao_isami black_hair blonde_hair blush bodysuit clothed_male_nude_male couple eye_contact face-to-face facial_hair fzy83225 hand_on_another's_chest highres lewis_smith looking_at_another male_focus multiple_boys nude pectorals sideburns_stubble sitting sitting_on_lap sitting_on_person smile stubble thick_eyebrows toned toned_male translation_request yaoi yuuki_bakuhatsu_bang_bravern
 2boys absurdres ao_isami black_hair blonde_hair clothed_male_nude_male couple eye_contact facial_hair falling fzy83225 highres lewis_smith looking_at_another male_focus multiple_boys nude purification sideburns_stubble sparkle_background stubble tearing_clothes tears thick_eyebrows toned toned_male torn_clothes wide-eyed yaoi yuuki_bakuhatsu_bang_bravern
 2boys ao_isami black_hair blonde_hair blush carrying couple eye_contact facial_hair highres lewis_smith looking_at_another male_focus multiple_boys official_alternate_costume princess_carry shorts sideburns_stubble smile sparkle_background stubble suekawadoni thick_eyebrows unfinished walking yaoi yuuki_bakuhatsu_bang_bravern

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