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Either the image has '1999' written somewhere on it, or it makes a reference to the year 1999.
Also when 1999 appears as a tag when searching through pixiv.

1999 is the year of the rabbit.

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 1999 1girl absurdres aerial_fireworks air_max asamiya_mariko black_pants blue_hoodie blurry brown_eyes brown_hair can car closed_mouth commentary dated depth_of_field dutch_angle english_commentary english_text fireworks full_body grey_footwear hand_on_own_chin highres holding holding_can holeecrab hood hoodie long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer motor_vehicle night nissan_s14_silvia nissan_silvia original pants polaroid sitting smile solo sponsor sticker track_pants wheel
 1990s_(style) 1999 6+girls absurdres amagi_miyuki artist_name black_hair blue_eyes blue_hair bodysuit breasts brown_eyes brown_hair building city cleavage cleavage_cutout clenched_hands clothing_cutout cloud cloudy_sky collar collarbone copyright_name cuffs cutoffs daichi_yuuko denim dress fishnet_bodysuit fishnets floating_hair front-tie_top glasses guardian_recall hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon hairband hand_on_own_hip hand_to_head handcuffs headband hichiwa_keiko highres hijiri_yukari homura_mayu ikazuchi_akira_(guardian_recall) jacket kaibara_misato logo long_hair long_sleeves medium_breasts multiple_girls non-web_source off_shoulder official_art open_clothes open_jacket orange_eyes outdoors pink_hair ponytail poster_(medium) purple_hair ramiya_ryou red_dress red_eyes red_hair retro_artstyle ribbon rimless_eyewear rock round_eyewear ruins ruuen_rouga ryuukihi scan serious short_dress short_hair shorts side_slit skirt sky skyscraper standing text_focus translation_request very_long_hair white_hair wind
 1990s 1998 1999 @_@ animated armpits ass ass_focus back bare_back black_hair blush clothed_female_nude_male clothed_male_nude_male dokkiri_doctor embarrassed hongo_yukihiro indoors legs male_underwear nude punching screencap shota sound tagme unconscious underwear underwear_pull video white_male_underwear
 1990s_(style) 1999 1boy 1girl :d ahoge black_footwear black_shirt blue_eyes blue_gloves blue_hairband blue_shorts boots brother_and_sister closed_mouth dated elena_(kouklotheatro) gloves hairband holding holding_weapon key knee_boots kouklotheatro long_hair looking_at_viewer luke_(kouklotheatro) midriff non-web_source open_mouth ouse_kohime parted_bangs pink_hair red_eyes retro_artstyle shirt shorts siblings signature sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile squatting tassel weapon white_gloves white_hair white_shirt white_wings wings
1999 1boy absurdres backpack backwards_hat bag black_hair border celebi cheri_berry chikorita clenched_hand creatures_(company) ethan_(pokemon) feathers game_freak gen_2_pokemon grey_border hair_through_headwear hat highres holding holding_poke_ball legendary_pokemon male_focus mythical_pokemon nintendo one_eye_closed open_mouth ottoyamaotoko8 poke_ball poke_ball_(basic) pokedex pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_gsc rainbow_feather_(pokemon) short_hair shorts white_bag yellow_shorts
1999 1boy agnimon anger_vein august brown_eyes brown_hair calendar_(object) child commentary derivative_work digimon digimon_adventure digimon_adventure_v-tamer_01 digimon_tamers digimon_universe:_appli_monsters door english_commentary english_text goggles goggles_on_head kaninchenbau light_blush looking_back male_focus matsuda_takato open_mouth portrait screencap_redraw shinkai_haru signature sweat yagami_taichi

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