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Either the image has '2002' written somewhere on it, or it makes a reference to the year 2002.
Also when 2002 appears as a tag when searching through pixiv.

2002 is the year of the horse.

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 1girl 2002 bad_source bikini blonde_hair blue_eyes boots breasts charlotte_christine_de_colde english_text hand_on_floor hand_on_own_chest highleg highleg_leotard large_breasts leotard looking_at_viewer mokkouyou_bond red_background samurai_spirits seiza simple_background sitting smile solo striped_bikini striped_clothes striped_thighhighs swimsuit text_background thigh_boots thighhighs
 1girl 2002 akagi_ritsuko bare_shoulders bed blonde_hair blush breasts calendar_(medium) collarbone completely_nude earrings green_eyes hamaya_shin'ichi jewelry large_breasts lipstick looking_at_viewer lying makeup mole mole_under_eye neon_genesis_evangelion nipples nude october official_art short_hair smile solo
 1girl 2002 akagi_ritsuko april breasts calendar_(medium) company_name covered_erect_nipples covered_navel earrings hamaya_shin'ichi high_heels jewelry lipstick long_sleeves looking_at_viewer makeup medium_breasts mole mole_under_eye neon_genesis_evangelion official_art one-piece_swimsuit short_hair sitting smile solo swimsuit
 1girl 2002 adoptable allosauc animal_ears arm_belt artist_name belt belt_buckle bike_shorts bird bird_ears black_belt black_cloak black_footwear black_hair black_hood black_shorts black_sleeves boots breasts buckle center_opening chain character_sheet cleavage cloak close-up closed_mouth clothing_cutout commentary cowboy_shot creature_and_personification crow deviantart_username earrings english_commentary english_text feathers fire frown full_body gold_chain gradient_background gradient_cloak green_cloak green_eyes green_fire green_hair green_nails grey_background highres holding holding_scythe hood hood_up hooded_cloak hoop_earrings jewelry large_breasts leg_cutout long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_hair multicolored_hair multiple_belts multiple_views nail_polish original personification scythe shirt shorts simple_background streaked_hair thigh_belt thigh_boots thigh_strap torn_cloak torn_clothes torn_sleeves triangle_background watermark white_shirt
1boy 2002 absurdres arm_up black_eyes black_hair black_pants border creatures_(company) dive_ball fingerless_gloves full_body game_freak gen_3_pokemon gloves gorebyss grey_border highres holding holding_poke_ball luvdisc male_focus nintendo open_mouth ottoyamaotoko8 pants poke_ball pokedex pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_rse red_footwear relicanth sash short_hair skitty treecko white_headwear yellow_gloves yellow_sash
 2002 2girls artist_name ass belt bethany_hawke_(dragon_age_2) blush breast_press breasts brown_hair closed_eyes corset dark-skinned_female dark_skin dragon_age dragon_age_2 dress earrings grabbing grabbing_another's_breast head_scarf isabela_(dragon_age) jewelry large_breasts lipstick long_hair makeup multiple_girls nail_polish neck_scarf necklace nipples no_bra no_panties patreon_username signature smile vegetation ynorka_chiu yuri

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