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Tag type: General

Indicate fan arts that use the same style as that of official materials interseries.

Not to be confused with style_parody, which indicate arts for one series that mimic official style of another series.

The equivalent tag on Pixiv is 野生の公式, although there are some more specific tags that specify which style. For example 野生のひまさん for Himaruya_Hidekazu's style, 野生の天野 for Amano_Akira's style, and 野生のカントク for Kantoku's style.

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 1girl absurdres barefoot feet fingernails foot_focus highres honjo_yuri long_fingernails monochrome official_style orangethunder2 school_uniform simple_background skirt smile tenkuu_shinpan toenails toes
1girl :o artist_request black_socks bow bowtie brown_eyes floor full_body highres honjo_yuri navel nipples official_style pussy shoes sitting socks surprised tenkuu_shinpan uwabaki
 1girl :o artist_request black_socks bow bowtie brown_eyes buttons full_body highres honjo_yuri official_style panties school_uniform serafuku shoes sitting socks surprised tenkuu_shinpan underwear upskirt uwabaki white_panties
 2girls :d ^_^ arm_at_side black_hair black_jacket bow-shaped_hair callie_(splatoon) clenched_hands closed_eyes closed_umbrella cloud cloudy_sky commentary_request cowboy_shot dress earrings fangs garryaoki gloves gradient_hair green_dress grey_hair grin hand_to_own_mouth highres holding holding_umbrella hoop_earrings inkling jacket jacket_on_shoulders jewelry jumpsuit laughing long_hair marie_(splatoon) mole mole_under_eye multicolored_hair multiple_girls nintendo official_alternate_costume official_style open_mouth pantyhose pink_gloves pink_hair pink_jumpsuit pink_pantyhose pointy_ears short_hair short_jumpsuit sky smile splatoon_(series) splatoon_3 strapless strapless_dress striped_clothes striped_pantyhose swept_bangs tentacle_hair twintails two-tone_hair umbrella
 1girl arm_up black_footwear black_shorts blue_hair blue_skirt cherry_blossoms closed_eyes closed_mouth commentary_request falling_petals feet_out_of_frame garryaoki grass grey_hoodie hair_bun hand_on_own_arm highres hood hoodie inkling inkling_girl inkling_player_character nintendo official_style outdoors petals pink_petals print_hoodie shorts shorts_under_skirt skirt solo splatoon_(series) stretching tentacle_hair tree
 2boys beard big_nose black_jacket blue_necktie brown_jacket bupidoodles collared_shirt commentary english_commentary english_text facial_hair formal fukumoto_nobuyuki_(style) green_kimono grey_hair happi hyoudou_kazutaka jacket japanese_clothes kaiji kimono looking_at_another lowres male_focus meme mole multiple_boys mustache necktie oekaki official_style ok_so_18_pounds_of_cokane_(meme) old old_man open_mouth parody shirt short_hair smile style_parody suit tails_gets_trolled tonegawa_yukio upper_body very_short_hair white_hair white_shirt

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