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A shameless and impractical ensemble of clothes that do not leave much to the imagination when worn. With some designs, the wearer may as well be nude for all the cover they provide.

This doesn't include lingerie, swimsuits, bikini_armor or similar pieces where the revealing elements are largely expected out of such articles (such as underwear, harem outfits, or certain cultural outfits). Likewise, torn_clothes, wet_clothes, dissolving_clothes or other external events that cause partial nudity don't count either because the revealing elements are accidental.

Revealing clothes are intentionally designed to be showy and not for real-world functionality. They only exist to show off as much of the body as possible while utilizing minimal coverage. Several tags involved here include see-through clothes, miniskirt (or the even smaller microskirt), naked_suspenders, crotch_plate, thong, bikini top, cleavage, breast_curtains, sideboob and/or underboob, and a distinct lack of bras and panties. thighhighs are also popular to show off the upper legs by utilizing zettai_ryouiki.


* Aoba_Anoa, Diol_Twee, etc. (Otomedius)
* destiny_(ishida) (Ishida_Hiroyuki's original character)
* Dizzy_(Guilty_Gear) and Ramlethal_Valentine (Guilty_Gear)
* Makoto_Nanaya, Mai_Natsume and Mu-12 (Blazblue)
* Matoi_Ryuuko, Kiryuuin_Satsuki, and anyone wearing a Nudist_Beach_uniform (Kill_La_Kill)
* boudica_(fate), meltryllis_(fate), shuten_douji_(fate) and ushiwakamaru_(fate) (Fate/Grand_Order)
* Porno_Dianno (Bastard!!)
* Shiranui_Mai (The_King_of_Fighters)
* Camilla_(Fire_Emblem) (Fire_Emblem)
* shimakaze_(kancolle) (Kantai_Collection)

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 1girl ass beach_chair bikini blue_eyes breasts crossed_legs earrings highres jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts outdoors revealing_clothes rwby scar scar_across_eye scar_on_face shiny_skin side_ponytail sitting skindentation solo strap_pull string_bikini sweat swimsuit thighs wangxiii weiss_schnee white_bikini white_hair
 1girl absurdres alternate_costume armpits black_dress black_hair blue_archive blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts colored_inner_hair covered_erect_nipples covered_navel dress groin halo highres large_breasts looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair nicky_w pelvic_curtain pointy_ears revealing_clothes rin_(blue_archive) sideboob solo straight_hair two-tone_hair
 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears animal_nose arm_behind_back bikini bikini_top_only black_bikini black_choker black_fur black_headwear black_sleeves black_thighhighs blurry blurry_background blush body_fur braixen breasts breasts_apart bright_pupils cameltoe chain choker collar covered_erect_nipples cowboy_shot creatures_(company) day detached_sleeves english_text female_focus fishnet_choker fishnet_sleeves fishnet_thighhighs fishnets fox_ears fox_girl fox_tail furry furry_female game_freak gen_6_pokemon groin half-closed_eyes hand_up happy hat highres huge_breasts looking_at_viewer maebari multicolored_fur navel neck_fur nintendo open_mouth outdoors personification pokemon pokemon_(creature) red_eyes revealing_clothes sana!rpg shiny_clothes smile solo standing stick stomach string_bikini swimsuit tail talking thick_thighs thighhighs thighs v-shaped_eyebrows white_fur white_pupils wide_hips yellow_fur
 1girl absurdres animal_print bell bikini blue_hair breasts cosplay creator_connection crossover double_bun hair_bell hair_bun hair_ornament highres large_breasts long_hair lum lum_(cosplay) navel print_bikini purple_eyes ranma_1/2 revealing_clothes shampoo_(ranma_1/2) solo swimsuit tiger_print urusei_yatsura yeono0
 2girls belt bob_cut breasts brown_hair closed_eyes commentary cropped_legs crossed_legs english_commentary english_text gradient_hair holding holding_belt medium_breasts melody_(projektmelody) motion_lines multicolored_hair multiple_girls original ponytail pout purple_hair revealing_clothes tama_gotoh vshojo yoruny
 1girl alternate_costume arm_support bare_shoulders bikini bikini_bottom_only black_bikini black_panties black_thighhighs blonde_hair boots breasts car checkered_clothes checkered_shirt commission crop_top dodge_(company) dodge_challenger elbow_gloves fingerless_gloves garter_straps gloves goddess_of_victory:_nikke harbor high_heel_boots high_heels highres holding holding_umbrella horns kcar66t knee_up large_breasts leaning_against_vehicle leaning_back long_hair looking_at_viewer microskirt midriff miniskirt motor_vehicle muscle_car nail_polish navel open_mouth outdoors panties pink_eyes pink_footwear pink_gloves pink_horns pink_nails pink_skirt pleated_skirt race_queen red_eyes revealing_clothes revision shirt sideboob sitting sitting_on_car skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt sleeveless_turtleneck smile solo stomach swimsuit thigh_boots thighhighs thighs turtleneck umbrella underboob underwear very_long_hair viper_(nikke) wide_shot yacht

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