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Spiritual successor action series to Kite and also created by Umetsu_Yasuomi. Tag refers primarily to the original OVA. The OVA ran from May 25, 2000 to June 25, 2001. The sequel TV series is tagged mezzo_danger_service_agency. Like Kite, the original OVA is a hentai, but also has a non-hentai release that removes the sex scenes as well as receiving a non hentai sequel. It is much more light hearted and humorous than Kite, featuring wise-cracking and upbeat heroes while retaining the over the top bloody action and explicit sex that was present in Kite.

The OVA follows the DSA Agency who are assigned to kidnap the mob boss and baseball team owner Momokichi Momoi. They capture him while he's out bowling with his daughter, but the mission goes awry when Momoi is inadvertently killed which incurs the wrath of his psychotic daughter who becomes the new mob boss. The DSA must now fight for their own survival.

Both series focus on the various adventures of the DSA Agency, which consists of Suzuki Mikura who is the protagonist and the main fighter of the trio, Kurokawa Kenichi who is the technician, and Kurokawa Kenichi who is the boss and driver of the trio.


Main Characters:


Kite_(anime) Sawa has a cameo.


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