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.flow is a fan-game, created for Yume Nikki. It is best known for being more nightmarish than Yume Nikki. In it, you play as a white-haired girl with bed-hair named Sabitsuki. Like Yume Nikki, you explore Sabitsuki's dreams, which seem to have a knack for becomng nightmares. It is also well-known for some of its great music, which is commonly thought of as "beautiful." At some points, one may think these dreams/nightmares may revolve around something related to birth.

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 .flow 1girl absurdres armpits bare_legs barefoot blood blood_splatter blood_stain closed_mouth commentary copyright_name dress empty_eyes english_text expressionless fingernails full_body grey_dress hair_over_one_eye heel_up highres holding holding_industrial_pipe holding_own_leg holding_weapon knees knees_together_feet_apart knees_up lead_pipe left-handed legs looking_down looking_to_the_side medium_hair messy_hair miniskirt red_eyes sabitsuki shaded_face shadow short_hair simple_background skirt sleeveless sleeveless_dress solo sukuya_(suxuya) weapon white_background white_hair white_skirt
 +_+ .flow 1boy 2girls :| absurdres air_bubble animal_ears anniversary arm_up bags_under_eyes bandaged_hand bandages bandaid bandaid_on_leg barefoot black_cat blood blood_on_mouth book border brown_dress brown_hair bubble cake candle cat cat_ears character_doll closed_mouth colored_eyelashes commentary crowbar crt diary disembodied_eye disembodied_mouth diving_helmet dress dried_blood eating electric_plug empty_eyes english_commentary eyeball eyelashes fangs flipped_hair flower food fork freckles fruit ghost grey_dress grey_skirt guro hand_up heart helmet highres hitodama holding holding_cake holding_food holding_fork holding_plate knee_blush lead_pipe leaf leaning_forward leg_warmers legs looking_back medium_hair messy_hair miniskirt mouse_(computer) multiple_girls open_mouth oreko outside_border plant plate pleated_skirt purple_background purple_leg_warmers raised_eyebrows red_eyes red_footwear rust sabitsuki self-harm_scar sharp_teeth shoes sitting skirt sleeveless sleeveless_dress sleeveless_turtleneck smile smile_(.flow) standing standing_on_one_leg strawberry tamasamaa teeth television tongue turtleneck turtleneck_dress utensil_in_mouth vines white_border white_hair
 .flow 6+girls :3 alternate_color alternate_costume animal_ears annotation_request answered_prayers baking_sheet black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair blush_stickers braid brown_hair cat_ears character_cookie character_request closed_eyes commentary cookie cropped_torso cyan_(cyanthropies) dark-skinned_female dark_skin demon_horns english_text flipped_hair fluorette food fur_trim green_hair halo hands_up hat holding horns leaning_forward madotsuki medium_hair mikan_muzou mittens multiple_girls open_mouth orange_hair ponytail purple_hair rabbit_ears red_headwear red_mittens sabitsuki santa_costume santa_hat sidelocks signature simple_background soutarou_(mikan_muzou) speech_bubble star_(symbol) twin_braids twintails urotsuki white_background white_hair wolf_ears yume_2kki yume_nikki
.flow 6+girls beak beanie black_eyes black_hair black_shirt blonde_hair blue_hair bob_cut braid brown_hair character_request check_character closed_eyes closed_mouth colored_skin commentary_request green_eyes grey_hair grey_skin half-closed_eyes hat jacket kamakurako kemonomimi_mode let's_draw_pretty_girls_challenge long_hair looking_at_viewer madotsuki mafurako monoe monoko multiple_drawing_challenge multiple_girls open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pale_skin pink_hair pink_headwear pink_sweater plaid plaid_vest pom_pom_(clothes) pom_pom_beanie poniko ponytail purple_vest red_eyes red_scarf red_shirt sabitsuki scarf shirt short_hair simple_background sleeveless sleeveless_turtleneck smile striped_clothes striped_shirt sweater toriningen translation_request turtleneck turtleneck_sweater twintails unusually_open_eyes urotsuki vest white_background white_shirt xgshjsgha yuki_onna_(yume_nikki) yume_2kki yume_nikki
 .flow 2girls animal_ears behind_another black_background black_shirt brown_hair brown_shirt brown_vest chainsaw closed_eyes closed_mouth commentary facing_ahead full_body grey_skirt hand_on_another's_shoulder highres long_sleeves looking_at_another motor_vehicle motorcycle multiple_girls no_pupils plaid plaid_vest red_eyes riding sabitsuki shirt shoes short_hair simple_background skirt sleeveless sleeveless_turtleneck tsurime turtleneck urotsuki vest white_hair white_skirt wolf_ears xgshjsgha yume_2kki
 .flow 4girls anniversary black_background black_shirt blonde_hair blue_dress braid brown_hair chibi closed_eyes commentary dress eating expressionless facing_another food food_on_head fork full_body full_mouth grey_skirt happy_birthday highres holding holding_fork long_hair long_sleeves low_twin_braids madotsuki multiple_girls no_mouth object_on_head pink_sweater plaid plaid_vest polka_dot polka_dot_background purple_vest red_skirt sabitsuki shirt short_hair skirt sleeveless sleeveless_dress sleeveless_shirt surrounded sweater twin_braids urotsuki usotsuki vest white_hair xgshjsgha yume_2kki yume_nikki yume_nisshi

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