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Tag type: General

Tag is used when there is writing on the body of one or more characters depicted in the image.

Known as 身体に落書き / 身体に落書 (shintai ni rakugaki "graffiti on the body") and "karada ni rakugaki" (体に落書き "graffiti on the body"). Commonly types are "hitai ni niku" (額に肉 "'niku' on the forehead"), in which the derogatory word "niku" (肉 "meat") is written on the forehead, and "sei no ji" (正の字 "tally mark" (colloquial)), in which "sei" (正) is inscribed in part or in whole on the thighs or buttocks to indicate the number of "customers" served so far. (The formal term for tally mark is "kakusenhō" (画線法). In Japanese, the character "sei" ("correct"; "proper"; "honesty") is used for tallies; five strokes are used to write it, so when completed it represents the number "five". When written (incompletely) with fewer strokes, it represents the number of strokes that have been written. E.g., twelve = 正正丅.)

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