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Tag type: General

Japanese: 振り向き (ふりむき)

Indicates a subject of the image is looking behind their normal plane of vision. This could mean they are turning their body, head, or only their eyes to look behind themselves. Oftentimes such subjects are positioned with their back to the viewer and stare through the fourth wall.

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 2girls belt black_hair black_sailor_collar black_serafuku black_shirt black_shorts black_skirt blonde_hair blue_background blue_eyes blush border borrowed_character bow bow_hairband closed_mouth commentary creature cropped_shirt detached_sleeves flower grey_eyes hairband headphones kagamine_rin knees_up leg_warmers looking_at_another looking_back midriff monster_girl mouth_hold multiple_girls neckerchief nene_nene on_head one-eyed original outside_border plant_girl pleated_skirt red_flower sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt shoes short_hair shorts skirt sleeping sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile swept_bangs tentacle_legs text_background utau vocaloid white_border white_bow white_neckerchief white_shirt yellow_belt yellow_neckerchief yorutamagame
 1girl black_pantyhose capelet closed_mouth commentary drop_earrings earrings elf feet_out_of_frame frieren gold_trim green_eyes highres holding holding_staff jewelry long_hair looking_back outdoors pantyhose pointy_ears skirt sleeves_past_wrists solo sousou_no_frieren staff standing twintails white_capelet white_hair white_skirt z-ki
 1girl ass ass_focus bandana butt_crack denim dragon_ball dragon_ball_gt female_focus gluteal_fold hand_on_own_hip huge_ass jeans kyojiri_loli loli looking_at_viewer looking_back monochrome natsumemetalsonic pan_(dragon_ball) pants shirt short_hair sketch solo
1boy 1girl alcohol ass ass_expansion ass_grab bald bent_over blurry blurry_background breast_expansion breast_rest breasts brown_hair bunny_garden bursting_breasts cameltoe cleavage cleft_of_venus comic cup deep_skin drinking_glass drunk english_text faceless faceless_male gigantic_breasts green_eyes hetero holding holding_glass huge_ass huge_breasts indoors kana_(bunny_garden) lactation large_breasts leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back milk miniskirt nipples open_mouth orange_panties panties playboy_bunny pov rabbit_ears rabbit_tail red_skirt shiny_skin skindentation skirt smile speech_bubble sweat teruwo thick_thighs thighs tongue tongue_out topless underwear wide_hips wine wine_glass
 1girl black_dress black_hair blue_eyes chinese_commentary closed_mouth commentary_request cowboy_shot dress highres long_hair looking_back nico_robin one_piece sidelocks simple_background sleeveless sleeveless_dress solo white_background yang77780185
 1girl absurdres back bare_arms bare_shoulders black_hairband crying crying_with_eyes_open fish from_behind garofano_(path_to_nowhere) green_shawl hair_intakes hair_ornament hairband highres long_hair looking_back luori_dianxin off_shoulder path_to_nowhere pillar pom_pom_(clothes) pom_pom_hair_ornament purple_eyes purple_hair red_lips seahorse shirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo streaming_tears tears upper_body white_shirt

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