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Tag type: None

High resolution images.
An image with this tag should be at least 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels tall.

See Also:

absurdres (at least 3200x2400)
incredibly_absurdres (any dimension over 10000)
huge_filesize (at least 10 MB)
lowres (500x500 or smaller)

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 1girl absurdres alternate_hairstyle armpits black_jacket black_pants black_sports_bra blue_eyes blue_hair blue_halo blue_sports_bra blunt_bangs blush breasts cleavage colored_inner_hair commentary hair_intakes halo highres hololive hololive_english jacket large_breasts long_hair multicolored_hair navel open_clothes open_jacket ouro_kronii pants solo sports_bra striped_sports_bra sweat two-tone_sports_bra udonpan virtual_youtuber yoga_pants
 1girl absurdres arm_tattoo barbell_piercing bikini black_sclera blue_eyes blunt_bangs bracelet breasts cheek_piercing choker collarbone_piercing colored_sclera colored_skin cropped_legs demon_girl demon_tail denim ear_piercing earrings fangs grey_hair highres horns industrial_piercing jeans jewelry looking_at_viewer medium_breasts multiple_horns multiple_rings nail_polish navel navel_piercing open_mouth original pants piercing prock red_skin ring skin-covered_horns slit_pupils smile solo swimsuit tail tattoo tongue_piercing v
 1girl alisaie_leveilleur blending blue_eyes character_name copyright_name dated earrings final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv fingerless_gloves gloves highres jacket jewelry long_hair long_sleeves pointy_ears red_background red_gloves red_jacket shorts solo syooooyoooo thighhighs very_long_hair white_hair white_thighhighs
 1girl akari_(pokemon) barefoot beach blue_eyes blue_pants cloud cloudy_sky creatures_(company) cyndaquil game_freak gen_2_pokemon gen_5_pokemon gen_7_pokemon highres nintendo ocean open_mouth oshawott pants pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_legends:_arceus rowlet shirt shorts sky waves white_shirt wrozzii
 1boy ahoge alphinaud_leveilleur black_pants blending blue_background blue_coat blue_eyes boots character_name coat copyright_name earrings final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv gloves highres jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer pants pointy_ears smile solo standing syooooyoooo white_footwear white_gloves white_hair
 1girl :d alternate_costume aqua_nails aqua_sailor_collar black_thighhighs blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sky bow brick_wall cloud commentary_request crossed_bangs hair_bow hand_on_own_knee head_tilt highres hololive house kazama_iroha looking_at_viewer multicolored_bow neckerchief open_mouth outdoors plant ponytail raised_eyebrows red_neckerchief sailor_collar shirt short_hair short_sleeves sidelocks sky smile squatting thighhighs vincent_leo virtual_youtuber watch white_shirt wristwatch

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