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Tag type: None

Refers to any animated image that is in a GIF format.
Images with this tag should also have the animated tag.

Use animated_png for APNG/PNG images.

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1boy 1girl 3d age_difference animated animated_gif breasts huge_breasts shota
 2girls animal_ears animated animated_gif black_hair black_hoodie blue_archive blurry blurry_foreground blush chibi drooling grey_halo hair_between_eyes halo holding holding_sack hood hoodie horuhara kayoko_(blue_archive) mari_(blue_archive) multicolored_hair multiple_girls open_mouth orange_hair red_eyes sack sidelocks smile two-tone_hair white_hair yellow_halo
 1girl animal_ears animated animated_gif armband blue_archive blue_eyes blue_neckerchief chibi closed_eyes closed_mouth crossed_arms dress halo hat horuhara long_hair long_sleeves lowres mari_(blue_archive) neckerchief nun orange_hair pout puff_of_air solo unworn_hat unworn_headwear yellow_armband yellow_halo
 1boy 1girl age_difference animated animated_gif ao_suto arched_back barefoot bed bed_sheet blush breasts choker closed_eyes completely_nude cum cum_in_pussy grabbing hands_on_lap hetero hiding impregnation indoors interior kozukuri_bu! large_breasts leg_lock long_hair lying missionary nipples nude on_back on_bed onee-shota open_mouth orange_hair pillow sex sheet_grab shota size_difference solo_focus spread_legs stomach_bulge ukai_tono vaginal waist_grab
 1girl 3d animated animated_gif ass asymmetrical_hair black_bra black_gloves black_hair bra breasts brown_eyes buruma capcom cleavage collarbone cornrows dark-skinned_female dark_skin electricity female_focus fingerless_gloves gloves green_buruma jacket large_breasts laura_matsuda navel official_alternate_costume open_clothes open_jacket solo street_fighter street_fighter_v thighs underwear yellow_jacket
 1girl animated animated_gif blue_flower brown_hair card cardcaptor_sakura closed_eyes closed_mouth crown dodecagram dress floating flower gloves gradient_background highres holding holding_staff holding_wand hoshi_no_tsue kinomoto_sakura looping_animation magical_girl sakura_card short_hair sleeveless sleeveless_dress staff transparent_background wand white_crown white_dress white_footwear white_gloves wing_print xephia

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