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Tag type: General

A mostly-monochrome picture with something colored to give it emphasis, also known as a splash of color.

Not to be confused with a simply partially_colored image.

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 3girls absurdres animal_ears bandaid bandaid_on_cheek bandaid_on_face biwa_hayahide_(umamusume) black_hair blue_eyes bnw_(umamusume) glasses greyscale hair_over_one_eye highres horse_ears horse_girl japan_racing_association kopperion looking_at_viewer monochrome multiple_girls narita_taishin_(umamusume) red_eyes semi-rimless_eyewear spot_color umamusume under-rim_eyewear white_hair winning_ticket_(umamusume) yellow_eyes
 1girl aiguillette animal_ears arknights black_necktie braid breasts cat_ears cat_girl collared_jacket collared_shirt covering_one_eye cropped_torso delphine_(arknights) greyscale hair_over_one_eye halftone hat hatching_(texture) holding holding_clothes holding_hat jacket large_breasts linear_hatching looking_at_viewer medium_hair monochrome necktie one_eye_covered open_clothes open_jacket peaked_cap shirt sidelocks simple_background solo spot_color straight-on tubuan_(tubuan03) white_background yellow_eyes yellow_shirt
 1girl absurdres asymmetrical_bangs asymmetrical_hair bow bowtie bra bra_tug braid breasts character_name cleavage commentary_request eyelashes girls'_frontline gloves greyscale hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_ornament hairclip hexagram highres jacket long_bangs long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts monochrome navel negev_(girls'_frontline) one_side_up open_clothes open_jacket parted_lips red_eyes side_braid single_braid sleeves_past_wrists smile solo spot_color star_of_david underwear undone_bowtie upper_body very_long_hair yamacchi
 1girl arrow_(symbol) black_background breasts chinese_commentary collared_shirt commentary_request cowboy_shot eyelashes frilled_hat frilled_shorts frills genderswap genderswap_(otf) gud_490811 hand_on_own_face hat high_collar highres hood hood_down hooded_jacket jacket len'en lineart long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mob_cap monochrome nail_polish open_clothes open_jacket outline parted_lips purple_eyes purple_nails shirt shitodo_kuroji short_hair shorts simple_background smirk solo spot_color triangular_headpiece white_outline wide_sleeves zipper zipper_pull_tab
 alternate_costume alternate_universe angry animal_ears blood blood_on_clothes blood_on_face blood_on_feet blood_on_tail carrying carrying_person claws d.va_(overwatch) facial_mark fang fox_ears fox_girl from_behind greyscale humanoid_robot kitsune kyuubi long_hair long_scarf monochrome multiple_tails open_mouth overwatch overwatch_2 princess_carry ramattra_(overwatch) robot scarf spot_color standing straight_hair swept_bangs tail teeth twitter_username upper_body velinxi walking whisker_markings white_background white_eyes
 2girls anger_vein bare_arms bite_mark bite_mark_on_stomach bite_mark_on_thigh blush clothed_female_nude_female clothes_lift commentary_request completely_nude covering_own_mouth cunnilingus curly_hair fingering greyscale hakurei_reimu hickey highres hitte5416 kirisame_marisa long_hair monochrome motion_lines multiple_girls nude open_mouth oral parted_lips pussy_juice saliva shirt_lift smile spot_color touhou translation_request twitching vaginal yuri

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