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Images containing at least one female character whose mons pubis and labia majora may seem exaggeratedly ¨fat,¨ large, plump, or cushioned compared to rest of their body´s proportions, such ¨fatness¨ is especially noticeable in the case of the labia majora or ¨outer pussy lips,¨ which may seem almost inflated or ¨pumped up.¨ A fat mons may be due to a wide variety of artistic, contextual, and/or indeed scientifically valid anatomical reasons. For example, the fat mons appearance may suggest the recent use of a vaginal pump device, or, on the other hand, it may simply be the result of an artistic license or even of actual artistic observation of similarly appearing real-life examples. Another possibility may be that the character portrayed is an underaged female, as children tend to have "fatter" Labia Majora than adults.

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bulge (male equivalent)

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 1girl 2023 absurdres annoyed ass ass_focus belt bikini bikini_under_clothes black_background bodystocking breasts bursting_breasts cameltoe cleft_of_venus collarbone commentary covered_erect_nipples covered_navel eyewear_on_head fat_mons female_focus from_above from_behind from_below full_body gigantic_breasts gluteal_fold goddess_of_victory:_nikke gradient_background hair_over_one_eye hand_on_own_hip harness head_tilt highres huge_ass huge_breasts jacket large_areolae leather leather_jacket legs_apart long_hair looking_at_viewer monochrome multiple_views open_mouth shoes simple_background skin_tight skindentation solo spot_color standing sunglasses_on_head swimsuit thick_thighs thigh_strap thighs very_long_hair volume_(nikke) waryu wide_hips yellow_eyes
 1girl amy_rose anus ass bent_over boots bracelet cleft_of_venus colored_skin eyelashes fart fat_mons female_focus flatus flexible flower furry gloves green_eyes hairband hedgehog jewelry loli long_boots looking_at_viewer pink_fur pink_hair pink_skin pussy ring rose sega sexy_or_cute? slypon smell solo sonic_(series) third-party_edit
1girl anus ass ass_focus barefoot bottomless cleft_of_venus clitoris dirty dirty_feet english_text fat_mons feet female_focus foot_focus from_behind huge_ass kneeling loli metal_gear_(series) metal_gear_rising:_revengeance pussy shadman shirt soles solo striped striped_shirt sugomi37 sunny_gurlukovich tan toenails toes
 1boy 1girl ? ahoge animated anus architecture bar_censor blue_eyes blue_hair blue_sky blurry blurry_background bottomless bouncing_breasts bouncing_thighs breasts breasts_apart censored cleft_of_venus clitoris close-up closed_mouth cum cum_in_pussy day disembodied_penis ears east_asian_architecture fat_mons female_ejaculation female_orgasm hair_between_eyes heterochromia highres indoors karakasa_obake large_breasts live2d looking_down navel nipples open_clothes open_mouth orgasm penis peso_(cheese_company) pumping pussy red_eyes see-through sex short_hair sitting sky sound spread_legs spread_pussy sweat tagme tatara_kogasa tears tongue topless touhou transparent tree umbrella video x-ray
 1girl 2boys alcohol animated anus artist_name audible_speech back bandages bare_shoulders black_eyes blood blush book bouncing_breasts breasts chair clenched_teeth clitoral_hood clitoris closed_eyes cowgirl_position cum cum_in_pussy doggystyle dracule_mihawk earrings english_audio erection fat_mons fellatio functionally_nude girl_on_top green_hair hetero jewelry lips medium_breasts monkey multiple_boys naughty_face nipples no_panties nude one_piece open_mouth oral orgasm patreon_username penis perona pink_hair pov pussy roronoa_zoro sex sex_from_behind sitting skirt sound spit_take spitting straddling striped striped_thighhighs suoiresnu sword tagme teeth testicles thighhighs thighs tree twintails vaginal video violence weapon wine
 1boy 2girls anus blonde_hair blush brown_fur brown_hair censored cleft_of_venus dagashi_(daga2626) erection fat_mons furry furry_female glasses green_eyes imminent_anal imminent_penetration imminent_rape loli looking_down made_in_abyss multiple_girls nanachi_(made_in_abyss) open_mouth penis pussy rabbit_girl regu_(made_in_abyss) riko_(made_in_abyss) shota stuck stuck_in_object tail take_your_pick testicles trapped white_hair yellow_eyes

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