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Tag type: General

A smiley which signifies that character has his/her eyes really shut, especially as a result of being filled with glee.

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 &gt;_&lt; 1jumangoku 2girls 2others armor blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush braid breastplate breasts censored commentary_request fujiwara_no_iyozane genderswap genderswap_(otf) hachimaki hand_on_another&#039;s_chest hand_on_another&#039;s_shoulder headband heart japanese_clothes kimono len&#039;en multiple_girls multiple_others nejiri_hachimaki ooama_no_ake_no_mitori purple_kimono red_kimono short_hair sleeveless sleeveless_kimono small_breasts sweat yellow_eyes yuri
 &gt;_&lt; +++ 2girls :d ahoge aqua_eyes aru_(arudes) bare_shoulders blue_thighhighs blush bow brown_hair chiyoda_momo clenched_hand closed_mouth commentary_request commission crisis_management_form_(machimazo) curled_horns demon_girl demon_horns detached_sleeves fang flying_sweatdrops frilled_sleeves frills from_above full_body hood hood_down hoodie horns laughing legs_together long_hair lying machikado_mazoku motion_lines multiple_girls nose_blush on_side open_clothes open_hoodie open_mouth pink_hair red_bow short_hair sidelocks simple_background skeb_commission skin_fang smile tears thighhighs tickling v-shaped_eyebrows white_background wide_sleeves yellow_hoodie yoshida_yuuko_(machikado_mazoku)
 &gt;_&lt; 1girl animal aru_(arudes) bell beret blush blush_stickers braid brown_dress brown_eyes brown_headwear cat comic_girls commentary_request cowboy_shot dress fang hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairclip hand_up hat highres holding holding_animal holding_cat jingle_bell long_hair looking_at_viewer low_twin_braids moeta_kaoruko neck_bell open_mouth pink_hair short_dress simple_background sleeveless sleeveless_dress sleeves_past_wrists solo standing sweater turtleneck turtleneck_sweater twin_braids waving white_background white_cat x_hair_ornament
 &gt;_&lt; 3girls animal_ears animal_hat aqua_kimono blue_bow bow brown_hair candy_apple cat_hat chocolate_banana closed_eyes dejiko di_gi_charat dice_hair_ornament food furrowed_brow gema green_hair hair_bow hair_intakes hair_ornament hat highres ikayaki japanese_clothes kimono long_sleeves morizo_(morizoshop) multiple_girls open_mouth pink_hair pink_kimono puchiko purple_kimono rabbit_ears red_bow red_sash sash short_hair smile standing takoyaki twintails usada_hikaru white_headwear wide_sleeves
 &gt;_&lt; 1boy 1girl ahegao anal black_gloves body_writing boots clothed_female_nude_male dark-skinned_male dark_skin elphelt_valentine english_text facing_viewer fingerless_gloves gloves guilty_gear guilty_gear_strive held_up imagining large_penis miniskirt nagoriyuki nude nyantcha orgasm penis pussy pussy_juice reverse_suspended_congress sex sex_from_behind skirt thigh_boots thighhighs thought_bubble white_hair
 &gt;_&lt; 2girls ^_^ animal_ears animal_hands animalization assault_lily bird blonde_hair blunt_bangs brown_pantyhose brown_sailor_collar cat_ears cat_girl cat_paws cat_tail chibi closed_eyes commentary flower grey_hair hair_flower hair_ornament hair_ribbon hand_on_own_cheek hand_on_own_face hand_up head_rest highres hugging_own_legs kabayaki_(kabayaki_eel) kanba_girls_high_school_uniform kemonomimi_mode knees_up kon_kanaho long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another low_twintails lying miniskirt miyagawa_takane motion_lines multiple_girls necktie no_mouth no_shoes on_stomach outstretched_arm pantyhose purple_ribbon red_skirt ribbon sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shiozaki_suzume short_necktie simple_background sitting skirt solid_oval_eyes sparrow tail trembling twintails twitter_username white_background white_flower white_necktie

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