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Tag type: General

A smiley which signifies that character has his/her eyes really shut, especially as a result of being filled with glee.

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 &gt;_&lt; 1girl absurdres bare_arms bare_legs barefoot black_hair black_shorts buttons closed_mouth commission dark-skinned_female dark_skin feet foot_focus greek_toe hair_between_eyes heart highres invisible_chair long_hair looking_at_viewer nail_polish original paid_reward_available panties_under_shorts pink_background pixiv_commission presenting_foot purple_eyes purple_nails shirt shorts sitting smile soles solo spoken_blush steaming_body toe_scrunch toenail_polish toenails toes w_(w64851564) white_shirt
 &gt;_&lt; 1girl antiquewhite arms_up blonde_hair clenched_hands closed_mouth commentary dress english_commentary feet_out_of_frame from_above globe hair_flowing_over highres indoors leaning_forward_in_chair_diagram_(meme) long_hair long_sleeves meme original painting_(object) rug short_dress sitting solo stretching study_(room) table typewriter wavy_mouth white_dress white_sleeves
 &gt;_&lt; 1other 6+boys 6+girls :d absurdres anniversary arthropod_limbs axe baseball_bat beard beard_stubble belt black_coat black_eyes black_gloves black_hair black_jacket black_pants black_shirt black_vest blonde_hair blue_eyes bob_cut bow brown_eyes brown_hair bulletproof_vest cake charon_(project_moon) cigarette clock closed_eyes coat collared_shirt dante_(limbus_company) dark-skinned_female dark-skinned_male dark_skin don_quixote_(project_moon) effie_(project_moon) facial_hair faust_(project_moon) fire food fruit gauze_over_eye gloves golden_apple_(project_moon) gredell_elle green_jumpsuit gregor_(project_moon) grey_eyes grey_hair grey_jacket hair_bow halberd headband heathcliff_(project_moon) highres holding holding_axe holding_polearm holding_weapon hong_lu_(project_moon) id_card ishmael_(project_moon) jacket jumpsuit limbus_company long_hair low_ponytail mace medium_hair meursault_(project_moon) multiple_boys multiple_girls necktie object_head ootachi open_mouth outis_(project_moon) pants parted_bangs pilot_(project_moon) polearm project_moon red_bow red_coat red_eyes red_hair red_necktie rodion_(project_moon) ryoshu_(project_moon) saude_(project_moon) scar scar_on_face shield shirt short_hair signature sinclair_(project_moon) smile smoking strawberry stubble sweater tall_hat turtleneck turtleneck_sweater twintails vergilius_(project_moon) vest walkie-talkie weapon white_hair yi_sang_(project_moon) yuri_(project_moon)
 &gt;_&lt; 3girls :| arms_behind_back blue_eyes blue_hair bocchi_the_rock! breast_envy c: character_print closed_mouth commentary cosplay cube_hair_ornament dancing dancing_toothless_(meme) english_commentary gotoh_hitori hair_ornament highres how_to_train_your_dragon inkspirate instagram_logo instagram_username jitome kita_ikuyo long_hair meme multiple_girls one_side_up outdoors parted_lips photo_background pink_hair red_hair shirt smile toothless toothless_(cosplay) tree upper_body white_shirt yamada_ryo yellow_eyes
 &gt;_&lt; 1girl animal_ears aqua_bow bow bowtie clenched_hand commentary_request ear_bow glasses happy highres horse_ears horse_girl long_hair long_sleeves mejiro_mcqueen_(umamusume) nokora_(otonarinoco) purple_hair purple_sailor_collar purple_shirt round_eyewear sailor_collar sailor_shirt school_uniform shirt sidelocks solo swept_bangs tracen_school_uniform translation_request umamusume upper_body white_bow white_bowtie winter_uniform
 &gt;_&lt; 2boys black_coat black_hair black_headwear blonde_hair blue_background chain chibi chibi_only coat dio_brando full_body green_eyes jitome jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken kotorai kuujou_joutarou male_focus multiple_boys rubber_band scared short_hair sound_effects translation_request trembling

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