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素股 sumata
股コキ matakoki

A sex act in which a girl grinds her bare or covered pussy against her partner's bare or covered penis without penetration.

This is different from imminent_vaginal: there, the penis is parallel to and directed at the vaginal cavity with the head touching the lips with the intent to penetrate.

Here, the female's pussy lips (labia) are simply rubbing against the shaft of a perpendicular penis.

The path through the vagina from the lips to the womb is upward on a standing female (from inferior to superior position) so it can be described as "upward".

Imminent vaginal has the dick pointing "upward" (in respect to the female's pelvis) like this, while grinding has the dick pointing "horizontal".

For penis-to-ass rubbing, use buttjob instead.
For penis-to-penis rubbing, use penises_touching instead.
For penis-to-breasts rubbing, use penis_to_breast instead.
For penis-between-breasts rubbing, use paizuri instead.
For penis-between-thigh rubbing, use thigh_sex instead.
For pussy-to-object rubbing, use crotch_rub instead.
For pussy-on-thigh rubbing, use thigh_straddling instead.
For pussy-to-pussy rubbing, use tribadism instead.
For rubbing against anything else, use frottage.

If no sex is involved and someone is grinding along an object with any kind of skates, use sliding instead.


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See also:

sliding, for the skating move


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