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倉敷 麗華

A mature_female with long, blonde_hair and huge_breasts. She is usually dressed in a red business suit. She is the mother of Kurashiki Reina and looks like and older version of her daughter. She is the second maternal figure in Saimin_Seishidou and gets involved in the story when she stumbles across her daughter having sex with Tanaka_Hajime. Tanaka explains that he is Reina' sex counselor, and before Reika can expose him, Tanaka uses the opportunity to hypnotize her into believing his story and ultimately have sex with her as well.

She has a more serious personality than her daughter, often wearing a stern expression on her face. She is also more experienced in sex than her daughter and provides a greater challenge to Tanaka's sexual prowess.

She is voiced by Asai_Harumi, a regular hentai voice actor, who also plays Reina and the other mature female of the Saimin Seishidou cast, Miyajima Tsubaki.

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