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Tag refers to images referencing the 2007 film adaptation of the first Jojo_no_Kimyao_na_Bouken series. It was animated by A.P.P.P. which had previously animated the OVA adaptation of Stardust Crusaders. This film involved many of the crew members from said OVA and has a similar aesthetic. It was directed by Hayama_Junichi who also designed the characters. It was written by Yamada Mitsuhiro and scored by Marco D'Ambrosio who also wrote the score for the Jojo OVA. The film featured vocal songs performed by hip hop group Soul'D Out.

The film is notorious for how rapidly it became lost media. It was released on February 17, 2007 in Japanese theaters, but as soon as the film left theaters, it was never released on home video. While the official reason has never been revealed, A.P.P.P. and publishing company Shueisha had a serious falling out over the film and the anime studio had also gotten into controversy over their work in the OVA because they showed Dio Brando reading the Qur'an. Director Hayama has also kept the reasons secret and when asked about it at a convention only said that he didn't want to get angry in front of the audience so he will remain quiet. The only bit of public footage available of the film is a brief 16 minute clip that a student managed to get from his art professor and the initial trailers for the film. In spite of this, some of the creators involved in the film did get to work on future Jojo works, seiyuu Konishi Katsuyuki who played Jonathan went on to voice Diavolo in the David Productions adaptation of Vento Aureo. Koyama Rikiya, who played William A. Zeppeli, played Yoshikage Kira in All star Battle. Araki Hirohiko also paid tribute to Soul'd Out by naming Wekapipo and Magenta Magenta after their songs.

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