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A short crime action manga written and drawn by Araki_Hirohiko. It ran from October 1, 1985 to December 29, 1986 on Weekly_Shounen_Jump, and consisted of only two chapters.

It follows the adventures of Irene Rapona, who seems to be a normal if gullible and innocent teen girl. However, Irene is actually the daughter of a famed assassin, and she has inherited all of her father's skills. Once Irene puts on some special makeup, she transforms into Gorgeous Irene, a hitwoman who's both a master of disguise and combat.

The series features many of Araki's stylistic trademarks, bloody action scenes involving characters being maimed by bizarre powers, references to Western musicians, and strong inspiration from fashion magazines both in characters' designs and their poses.

It is notably the first attempt by Araki to have an action heroine lead and he treated the work as a sort of artistic challenge, to see if he could draw female characters convincingly. Ultimately, he felt that he wasn't able to do so at the time and chose not turn Irene into a serialized series. Throughout Jojo's run, Araki often attempted to have one of the main characters of each part be an action heroine, but the cast of characters would usually be predominantly male and the male main characters received the lion's share of plot focus and fight scenes. It was not until he began developing the sixth arc Stone Ocean that he would finally gain the confidence to have a female lead in an action series again. Araki never revisited the series although he has dropped a few subtle references to it in Jojo no Kimyao na Bouken.



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