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Tag refers to the iconic 1997 historical romance drama/disaster movie written and directed by James_Cameron and starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo_Dicaprio. Music was composed by James Horner. The film was also rereleased in 2012 and converted to 3d.

The film is notably an oddball in James Cameron's career, which largely consists of science fiction action movies. It is a love story set in the days leading up to and during the real life tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic. The story's cast is made up of both fictional characters and real life people who were present on the ship. 17 year old rich girl Rose Dewitt Bukater is boarding the ship along with her mother and her fiancé Caledon 'Cal' Hockley. Rose is deeply unhappy with her current state as her mother wants her to marry the wealthy Cal, who she is not interested in, in order to solve her family's secret financial problems. Feeling she can do little about her current situation, Rose walks towards the ship's stern at night and contemplates suicide. Once there, she meets a charming penniless young artist named Jack Dawson who is staying in the third class passenger section. Jack convinces Rose not to kill herself and saves her when she almost falls into the ocean. The two of them quickly fall in love with each other and begin a secret romance. However, they are opposed by Cal who grows increasingly suspicious about Jack. Furthermore, none of the passengers realize that the Titanic, despite its size, is not as impervious as they've thought. . .

The film was one of the most expensive films ever made when it was released and had a lot of special effects work and elaborate set designs. It was so expensive, and the production so troubled, that many believed that the film would not turn a profit, but the film ultimately became a massive international success and was the highest grossing film of all time for twelve years until Cameron's next film Avatar dethroned it. It also won 11 Academy Awards. The film turned Leonardo Dicaprio into a massive star and also launched the film career of Kate Winslet. However, the former felt uncomfortable with the amount of attention he received because he wanted to be valued as a good actor and not be popular solely for his good looks. This discomfort led Leo to intentionally pursue grittier roles in his later films. Cameron notably did not make a movie for over a decade after the release of this film before coming back with Avatar although Cameron did plenty of deep sea diving work and documentaries about the subject during this lengthy gap.

The film is notably quite lengthy, with a run time of over three hours and Cameron had to cut an hour of footage to achieve this length. The removed scenes can be seen on the Blu-ray release. VHS releases divide the film into two tapes.

While the film does take artistic liberties, some of which were controversial, when it comes to historical accuracy, the filmmakers notably put a lot of effort into making sure the Titanic set looked as much as the actual Titanic as possible.

The film is often homaged and parodied in international pop culture, especially the famous "I'm flying, Jack!" scene. The nude sketching scene is also a source of memes often by replacing Rose with a character who is considerably less attractive or taking Rose's line, "Draw me like one of your French girls" and applying it to an image featuring someone or something lying down in a somewhat suggestive way. James Horner's soundtrack to the movie is also one of his most well known works. The theme song, "My Heart will Go On" performed by Celene Dion is also iconic and often parodied.

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