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A gooey, often transparent liquid that is often thick as semen. It is produced by monsters and other non-human creatures. It often serves as a lubricant for tentacle_sex or to aid in a monster's digestion.

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 1girl 1other animal_ears arcana_heart arms_up backpack bag bare_legs barefoot blue_hair blue_one-piece_swimsuit breasts cat_ears chibi claw_pose daidouji_kira full_body looking_at_viewer nalia one-piece_swimsuit orange_eyes school_swimsuit short_hair slime_(substance) small_breasts smile solo swimsuit translation_request water white_background
 1girl 1other ahoge aiming animal_ears arrow_(symbol) black_shirt border breath colored_tongue commentary_request dorodra_(kisaragi_kaya) extra_mouth failure firing flying_sweatdrops from_side gun hair_over_eyes hand_to_own_mouth handgun hands_up holding holding_gun holding_weapon kisaragi_kaya long_hair long_sleeves monster_girl motion_lines muzzle_flash off-shoulder_sweater off_shoulder open_mouth original outside_border prehensile_hair puff_of_air sequential shirt sleeves_past_wrists slime_(substance) spitting sweater tentacle_hair trapped weapon white_background white_border white_hair white_sweater yellow_tongue
 1girl artist_self-insert barefoot border bow_hairband coffee_table couch creature cropped_shirt desk detached_sleeves from_above greyscale hair_ornament hairband hairclip haramaki indoors kagamine_rin leg_warmers looking_at_another looking_to_the_side lying monochrome neckerchief on_back on_couch original sailor_collar shirt short_hair short_shorts shorts sleeveless sleeveless_shirt slime_(substance) swept_bangs table textless_version tokita_(jyabarachan) vocaloid wooden_floor
 animal_focus antennae black_background closed_eyes colored_skin commentary_request creatures_(company) evolutionary_line flower game_freak gen_6_pokemon geru_(gelusado3) goodra goomy green_eyes holding holding_flower lily_pad nintendo no_humans pokemon pokemon_(creature) purple_skin slime_(substance) slug tail
 absurdres all_fours artist_name black_scales clawed_feet commentary_request dragon dragon_tail dragon_wings glowing glowing_chest glowing_eyes gogmazios highres horns mhxbump monster monster_hunter monster_hunter_(series) monster_hunter_4_g no_humans painting_(medium) red_eyes shadow slime_(substance) smoke solid_eyes spikes tail traditional_media watercolor_(medium) wings
 1boy bara bare_pectorals belly blonde_hair blush dantesrealm dungeon_meshi heart highres laios_touden large_pectorals loving_aura male_focus muscular muscular_male nipples one_eye_closed paid_reward_available pectorals short_hair slime_(substance) solo thick_eyebrows torogao upper_body

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