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Someone is holding any type of cup. If they're holding a stemmed wine glass by the underside of the bowl, it's also cupping_glass.

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 1girl artist_request blonde_hair blunt_bangs box brown_eyes cherry_blossoms closed_mouth cup diorama doll falling_petals fan_stand final_gear floating floating_object floral_print_kimono floral_print_sash floral_print_sleeves flower flower_knot flower_pot folding_fan full_body furisode furisode_sleeves hair_ornament hairclip half_updo hand_fan haori hat highres hina_ningyou hirabitai holding holding_cup japanese_clothes karaginu_mo kimono knot lace_trim lantern light_blush light_smile lily_(flower) long_hair long_sleeves obi obidome obijime object_request official_art on_floor petals pink_flower pink_haori pink_petals rin_kamiuezono sakazuki sash see-through seiza sidelocks simple_background sitting sitting_on_pillow sokutai solo straight_hair table tachi-e tatami tate_eboshi third-party_source transparent_background tsunokakushi two-tone_ribbon uchikake very_long_hair very_long_sidelocks wedding white_flower white_hat white_kimono white_sash white_sleeves white_tassel wide_sleeves
 1girl artist_request bag beret black_gloves black_hat black_ribbon black_scarf black_skirt black_socks braid brown_coat brown_collar brown_eyes brown_footwear cellphone chair charm_(object) choker closed_mouth coat coffee_cup collar collared_coat collared_shirt cross-laced_clothes cross-laced_sleeves cup diamond_(shape) diamond_pattern diamond_print disposable_cup door double_horizontal_stripe final_gear fingerless_gloves french_braid full_body gloves hair_ornament hairclip hat heart_ornament highres holding holding_cup holding_phone horizontal-striped_headwear horizontal-striped_skirt indoors kneehighs knot light_frown loafers long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mecha official_art paper_bag phone plaid plaid_scarf pleated_skirt red_ribbon red_tassel ribbon ribbon_choker rin_kamiuezono robot scarf shirt shoes simple_background sitting skirt smartphone socks solo striped_clothes striped_headwear tachi-e third-party_source train_interior transparent_background triangular_headpiece very_long_hair white_shirt window wood
 1boy 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears animal_slippers balcony brown_hair brown_pants building cat_ears cat_girl collared_shirt cup day facial_hair flower frilled_skirt frills glasses goatee holding holding_cup holding_watering_can long_hair looking_at_another low_twintails mug open_mouth original pants pink_hair plant potted_plant puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves shirt short_sleeves skirt sleeves_rolled_up slippers standing twintails urabe_(mstchan) watering_can white_shirt
 1boy arm_belt belt black_border black_scarf border bowl bug butterfly car chain checkered_clothes checkered_scarf chi_(02tt_guru) clown commentary_request cup danganronpa_(series) danganronpa_v3:_killing_harmony dice drinking_glass elbow_on_table fingernails gun hair_between_eyes hand_on_own_cheek hand_on_own_face handgun highres holding holding_cup insect jacket knee_up lamp layered_sleeves long_sleeves looking_at_viewer motor_vehicle multiple_belts oma_kokichi open_mouth painting_(object) pants pouring purple_background purple_eyes purple_hair scarf short_hair sitting smile solo teeth thigh_belt thigh_strap tongue two-tone_scarf upper_body upper_teeth_only weapon white_belt white_jacket white_pants white_scarf wine_glass
 2boys 2girls alcohol arlecchino_(genshin_impact) black_eyes black_gloves black_hair border bottle bright_pupils cake champagne closed_mouth cup curtained_hair curtains day earrings fake_nails fingernails food freminet_(genshin_impact) frilled_sleeves frills genshin_impact gloves hair_between_eyes hand_up high_collar highres holding holding_cup holding_plate indoors jacket jewelry lavelis layered_clothes light_smile lips lipstick looking_at_viewer lynette_(genshin_impact) lyney_(genshin_impact) makeup medium_hair multicolored_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls multiple_rings open_clothes open_jacket outline plate red_lips red_pupils ring sharp_fingernails siblings sitting smile solo_focus strawberry_cake stud_earrings symbol-shaped_pupils table teacup three_quarter_view twins two-tone_hair upper_body white_border white_hair white_jacket white_outline wine_bottle x-shaped_pupils
1girl animal_ears blue_eyes blush braid buttons chibi cup double-breasted dress ear_piercing full_body fur_trim green_hair hat holding holding_cup hong9555 long_hair long_sleeves mittens multicolored_hair original piercing red_footwear santa_dress santa_hat single_braid sitting smile solo streaked_hair striped_background tail very_long_hair white_hair

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