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Tag type: None

Deprecated tag, do not use. Use one of the below tags instead:

frilled_socks (also includes kneehighs)
frilled_thighhighs (also includes over-kneehighs)

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 1girl areola_slip bad_tag belly big_breasts black_bra black_gloves black_legwear blush bow bra braid breasts brown_hair cleavage closed_mouth crown_braid demon_girl embarrassed female female_focus frilled_gloves frilled_legwear frills garter_belt gloves guild hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_ribbon headband kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo! large_areolae large_breasts looking_at_viewer low_twintails medium_hair navel nipples panties pink_panties red_eyes red_eyes_female red_hair_ribbon ribbon shy shy_expression soba_(saz) solo succubus_costume succubus_horns succubus_outfit thighhighs thighs topless topless_female twintails underwear yunyun_(konosuba)
 2boys 6+girls 6girls absurdres ankle_cuffs arms_behind_back bad_tag bare_shoulders barefoot bdsm bikini black_bra black_legwear blood blue_bra blue_eyes blue_hair blush bondage bound bound_arms bound_legs bow bow_bra bow_panties bra breasts brown_eyes brown_hair bruise captured cart chrom_(fire_emblem) cleavage cloth_gag collarbone cordelia_(fire_emblem) cuffs cum cum_on_body cynthia_(fire_emblem) dragging drill_hair enslaved_royal erection eyelashes female_focus fire_emblem fire_emblem_awakening frilled_bra frilled_legwear frilled_panties frills full_body gag gagged garter_straps green_eyes groin hair_ornament half-closed_eyes highres improvised_gag injury large_breasts legs_together lingerie long_hair looking_at_viewer lucina_(fire_emblem) male male_focus medium_breasts morgan_(female)_(fire_emblem) morgan_(fire_emblem) mother_and_daughter multiple_boys multiple_girls nature navel nintendo no_shoes noose nude one_eye_closed outdoors panties penis purple_bra purple_eyes purple_legwear red_bikini red_eyes red_hair restrained robin_(fire_emblem) robin_(male)_(fire_emblem) rope rope_bondage scowl severa_(fire_emblem) shibari shiny_skin short_hair siblings side-tie_bikini_bottom side-tie_panties sisters sitting slave small_breasts sumia_(fire_emblem) swimsuit the_dark_mangaka thighhighs third-party_edit toes uncensored underwear wagon white_bra white_hair yuri-yuri
 1girl absurdres black_bow black_choker black_dress black_gloves black_panties black_pantyhose black_thighhighs bow breasts bridal_garter choker clothes_lift commentary commentary_request cowboy_shot detached_sleeves dress dress_lift english_commentary eyes_visible_through_hair frilled_dress frilled_legwear frilled_sleeves frilled_wrist_cuffs frills from_below gloves groin hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_intakes hair_over_one_eye highres honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) iya_na_kao_sare_nagara_opantsu_misete_moraitai jingliu_(honkai:_star_rail) large_breasts lingerie long_hair looking_at_viewer lowleg lowleg_panties maid maid_headdress midriff open_mouth panties pantyhose partial_commentary red_eyes sanvicept sidelocks signature simple_background skindentation snowflakes solo standing thighhighs thighs translation_request underwear very_long_hair white_background wrist_cuffs
 1girl absurdres ass back barefoot bed_sheet black_gloves black_thighhighs blush bra bra_pull breasts choker cleft_of_venus clothes_pull corset dakimakura_(medium) feet frilled_legwear frills garter_belt gloves hairband highres knees_together_feet_apart legs looking_at_viewer looking_back love_live! love_live!_school_idol_project lying maid_headdress medium_breasts multiple_views navel neck_garter nipples nishikino_maki nude on_back on_stomach ooyari_ashito open_bra open_clothes open_shirt panties panty_pull purple_eyes pussy red_hair shirt short_hair skirt smile soles thighhighs underwear uniform unworn_skirt white_panties
1boy 1girl aaaninja abs ass barefoot blue_eyes bra breasts cleavage fellatio frilled_legwear frilled_socks frills hetero high_heels high_school_dxd highres kneehighs kneeling large_breasts lipstick lipstick_mark lipstick_mark_on_penis makeup open_clothes open_shirt oral penis red_hair rias_gremory school_uniform shirt skirt socks testicles underwear white_socks
 1boy 1girl blue_eyes blush bra breasts breasts_squeezed_together censored comic cum cum_in_navel cum_on_body cum_on_breasts cum_on_stomach cum_on_upper_body demon_girl ejaculation elbow_gloves frilled_gloves frilled_legwear frills gloves hair_between_eyes hair_censor hetero highres kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo! large_areolae large_breasts long_hair lying m_legs maid maid_headdress mosaic_censoring navel nipples nose_blush o-ring o-ring_top on_back paizuri panties penis pink_hair pointy_ears projectile_cum purple_bra purple_gloves purple_legwear purple_panties purumetal smile spread_legs thighhighs uketsuke_succubus_(konosuba) underwear

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