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A hair_bun shaped to resemble a heart.

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 1girl :o black_choker black_nails blue_hair blush_stickers cellphone check_copyright choker colored_inner_hair commentary_request copyright_request cowboy_shot double_bun eyelashes grey_skirt hair_bun hair_ornament hairclip heart heart_hair_bun heart_hair_ornament heart_in_eye holding holding_phone long_hair looking_at_viewer midriff multicolored_hair nail_polish navel open_mouth orange_background original phone plaid plaid_skirt pointing pointing_at_self purple_wristband red_eyes red_hair selfie shirt short_sleeves simple_background skirt smartphone solo straight_hair symbol_in_eye t-shirt terada_tera white_shirt white_sleeves
 1girl :d animal animal_on_head bare_legs barefoot bikini blue_eyes blunt_bangs blush breasts chibi choker chouzetsusaikawa_tenshi-chan cleavage corn eyewear_on_head food frilled_bikini frills full_body gradient-tinted_eyewear hair_bun heart heart-shaped_eyewear heart_hair_bun highres holding holding_food holding_ice_cream ice_cream leaning_forward legs_apart looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair needy_girl_overdose no_feet no_fingers octopus on_head open_mouth pink_bikini pink_choker sample_watermark sidelocks simple_background smile solo swimsuit teeth twintails upper_teeth_only watermark white_background
 1girl bow breasts brooch brown_eyes brown_hair choker clover_earrings cure_rosetta dokidoki!_precure double_bun dress gradient_background green_background green_choker hair_bun hair_ornament heart heart_brooch heart_hair_bun highres jewelry long_hair magical_girl medium_breasts momotarouooi precure puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves ribbon short_sleeves smile solo twintails waist_bow wrist_cuffs yellow_dress
 2girls bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sailor_collar brooch closed_mouth collarbone commentary crescent crescent_earrings crescent_facial_mark double_bun dress earrings elbow_gloves eternal_sailor_moon facial_mark feathered_wings feathers forehead_mark frilled_dress frills gloves grey_choker grey_eyes grey_hair hair_bun hair_ornament heart heart_brooch heart_hair_bun heart_o-ring highres holding_hands interlocked_fingers jewelry long_hair looking_at_another magical_girl multiple_girls multiple_rings nardack parted_bangs pleated_dress ring sailor_collar sailor_cosmos sailor_moon sailor_senshi_uniform sidelocks standing star_(symbol) star_earrings star_facial_mark tsukino_usagi twintails very_long_hair white_dress white_gloves wings
 2girls angel_wings bare_arms bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt brooch cape choker closed_mouth collarbone cowboy_shot crescent crescent_facial_mark dot_nose double_bun dress earrings elbow_gloves eternal_sailor_moon eternal_tiare facial_mark feathered_wings forehead_mark gloves hair_bun hair_ornament heart heart_choker heart_hair_bun holding holding_staff hoshikuzu_(milkyway792) jewelry layered_skirt long_hair looking_at_viewer magical_girl multicolored_eyes multiple_girls parted_lips petals puffy_sleeves red_choker red_ribbon red_skirt ribbon ring rose_petals sailor_collar sailor_cosmos sailor_moon sailor_senshi sailor_senshi_uniform short_dress signature skirt smile staff standing star_(symbol) star_choker tsukino_usagi twintails twitter_username watermark white_cape white_choker white_dress white_eyes white_gloves white_hair white_ribbon white_sailor_collar white_wings wings yellow_eyes yellow_skirt
 2girls abstract_background barefoot bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon blue_eyes brooch bubble_skirt choker closed_mouth cowboy_shot crystal double_bun dress facial_mark forehead_mark gradient_hair guardian_cosmos hair_bun hair_ornament heart_hair_bun jewelry long_hair mini_person minigirl multicolored_hair multiple_girls nickii25 parted_bangs rainbow_hair sailor_collar sailor_cosmos see-through see-through_dress short_dress skirt smile standing star_(symbol) star_choker star_seed_(sailor_moon) twintails waist_brooch white_choker white_dress white_hair white_sailor_collar

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