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A crossover, cosplay, or parody of two or more characters who have similar personality traits, or have similar circumstances occur to them in their respective stories. A comment explaining the connection would also be helpful in clarifying things to people unfamiliar with the characters.


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 ! !! 1girl 2boys age_difference aura bald black_jacket blush_stickers dragon_ball english_text ethan-baron_v._nusjuro glasses grabbing_from_behind holding holding_sword holding_weapon imminent_death jacket jetpack katana multiple_boys one_piece parody restrained roronoa_zoro roronoa_zoro_(egghead) scar scar_across_eye short_hair surprised sword toadgashi trait_connection vegapunk_atlas weapon white_background
 2girls :3 animal_ears animal_nose apron artist_name blush border bow cat_ears cat_girl chibi chibi_only cosplay crossover dress fang food fruit full_body furry furry_female hair_bow happy heart heart_apron hello_kitty hello_kitty_(character) highres maid momomiya_ichigo momomiya_ichigo_(cosplay) multiple_girls name_connection object_namesake one_eye_closed open_mouth pink_theme sanrio standing strawberry sugoigrove tokyo_mew_mew trait_connection white_border
 1girl artist_logo bikini bikini_skirt commentary_request cosplay double_bun frilled_bikini frills groin hair_bun hands_on_own_hips kantai_collection kasumi_(kancolle) kasumi_(kancolle)_(cosplay) kasumi_kai_ni_(kancolle) kasumi_kai_ni_(swimsuit_mode)_(kancolle) kutone_shirika medium_hair michishio_(kancolle) monochrome navel orange_theme solo swimsuit trait_connection
 2girls ;d absurdres axelsworks azur_lane bare_shoulders blue_hair blush bow breasts cat_hair_ornament chuunibyou crop_top eyepatch hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye hair_ribbon hairclip happy hat highres holding holding_phone long_hair medium_breasts multicolored_hair multiple_girls nail_polish one_eye_closed open_mouth phone pink_eyes pink_hair pink_nails ribbon shaded_face small_breasts smile streaked_hair surprised teeth trait_connection twintails two-tone_hair underboob upper_body upper_teeth_only v very_long_hair white_hair x_hair_ornament yellow_eyes z36_(azur_lane) z47_(azur_lane)
 2girls ako_(blue_archive) armband bare_shoulders bell blue_archive blue_eyes blue_hair blue_halo breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cowbell crossover detached_sleeves hair_between_eyes hairband halo headdress kantai_collection large_breasts littorio_(kancolle) long_hair looking_at_viewer mahoroba_shirou multiple_girls ponytail red_armband sideboob sideless_dress sideless_outfit sideless_shirt trait_connection wavy_hair
 1boy 1girl absurdres albaz_(yu-gi-oh!) bare_shoulders black_dress black_gloves breasts cleavage collarbone cowboy_shot dark-skinned_male dark_skin diabellstar_the_black_witch dress duel_monster fang gloves green_eyes green_hair grey_hair highres large_breasts looking_at_viewer medium_hair multicolored_hair muscular muscular_female muscular_male navel one_eye_closed pantyhose r42r98r red_eyes red_hair red_pantyhose scar scar_across_eye short_hair spiked_hair streaked_hair topless_male trait_connection two-tone_hair yu-gi-oh!

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