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1980年代 80年代 80年代風 1980s 80s 80's

Anime or manga drawn in a style that was popular in the 1980's.

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 1980s_(style) 1girl animated anime_screencap apartment ass audible_music audible_speech ball barefoot bath bathroom black_magic_m-66 blue_hair boots breasts camera chair cigarette cleavage commentary_request completely_nude computer convenient_censoring crossed_legs desk green_eyes hard-translated headband japanese_audio keyboard_(computer) navel nude nudist official_art oldschool open_door open_mouth opening_door pencil purple_hair retro_artstyle running screen_light short_hair shower_curtain shower_head showering sideboob sitting solo sound standing subtitled suitcase sybel third-party_edit third-party_source towel towel_around_neck unworn_clothes video video_camera walking water_drop wet wet_hair writing
 1980s_(style) battle beam_rifle damaged dirty energy_gun firing gm_ii gun gundam ishibashi_ken'ichi machine_gun machinery mecha mobile_suit muzzle no_humans official_art oldschool radio_antenna retro_artstyle robot scan science_fiction shield traditional_media weapon zeta_gundam
 1980s_(style) battle beam_rifle cable cloud damaged energy_beam energy_gun flying freefall gundam hasegawa_masayuki hyaku_shiki jetpack machinery mecha no_humans official_art oldschool parachute promotional_art radio_antenna realistic red_eyes retro_artstyle robot scan science_fiction thrusters traditional_media weapon zeta_gundam
 1980s_(style) battle bazooka_(gundam) gundam gundam_mk_ii hasegawa_masayuki machinery mecha milky_way nebula no_humans official_art oldschool painting_(medium) realistic retro_artstyle robot scan science_fiction star_(sky) traditional_media v-fin zeta_gundam
 1980s_(style) 1girl blonde_hair bluethebone blush braid breasts choker cleavage collarbone commentary cum cum_on_body cum_on_breasts cum_on_hands cum_on_upper_body dungeon_meshi elf english_commentary english_text facial green_eyes hair_ribbon handjob highres long_hair marcille_donato medium_breasts mushroom oldschool open_mouth patreon_username pointy_ears red_choker red_ribbon retro_artstyle ribbon solo subtitled thighs twin_braids
 1980s_(style) beam_rifle concept_art energy_gun galbaldy_beta gundam ishibashi_ken'ichi machinery mecha mobile_suit no_humans official_art oldschool painting_(medium) retro_artstyle robot scan science_fiction shield space star_(symbol) starry_background titans_(gundam) traditional_media weapon zero_gravity zeta_gundam

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