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Basic Usage Documentation

The example text entered into the search box will match any posts with tags that start with ab and end with d.

You are able to remove potential results by simply adding a - in front of what you wish to negate. This will search for anything that does not have cat_ears as a tag.

This will search the site contents with a source of ab*. The asterisk is a wildcard and will match anything that starts with ab.

Will search for any post with a rating of explicit. Supports explicit, questionable, sensitive and general.

This will search for any post without a rating of general.

You can search as well by the post ID. This is really only used for our API, but you can use it on our search as well. The example will find the post with an ID of 1.

Advanced Usage Documentation

You can combine everything above to make a larger query to bring your results down to a manageable result count. The idea is that the more specific you are in searching, the less you will get in associated results.
glasses -rating:explicit green_eyes -skirt -source:sa*

See also: howto:cheatsheet

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