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A female character in Goblin_Slayer.


Sword Maiden (剣の乙女, Tsurugi no Otome), formerly known as High Priestess (女司教, Onna shikyou), is a former gold-ranked adventurer who currently serves as the Temple of Law's Archbishop of the Supreme God.


Sword Maiden is an beautiful blonde woman with a voluptuous body whose eyes are often covered with a blindfold. She wears white robes with blue outlines that slightly resembles Priestess's main outfit and a golden decoration around her hip.

pixiv tags: 剣の乙女, 剣の乙女(ゴブリンスレイヤー)

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 1girl absurdres blonde_hair breasts goblin_slayer! highres huge_breasts long_hair shioriichi solo sword_maiden
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