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A clasp or ornament having a pin at the back for passing through the clothing and a catch for securing the point of the pin.
Also, broach.

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 2boys absurdres artist_name asura_(onmyoji) black_bow black_hair black_jacket black_necktie black_pants blonde_hair blurry blurry_background blurry_foreground blush bow brooch cup earrings facial_mark gem glass gun hair_between_eyes hair_over_shoulder highres holding holding_cup holding_gun holding_weapon indoors jacket jewelry lips long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another loose_necktie male_focus multiple_boys necktie onmyoji open_clothes open_jacket pants parted_lips plant pointy_ears red_eyes red_gemstone ribbon ring shadow shirt sidelocks smusmuye taishakuten_(onmyoji) teeth weapon weibo_logo weibo_watermark white_pants white_sleeves yaoi yellow_eyes
 1boy arch bird bird_wings black_hair blue_hair blue_sash braid brooch brown_wings chinese_clothes chisuhuimo closed_mouth curtained_hair facial_mark feathered_wings forehead_mark gradient_hair hair_ornament hanfu highres jewelry light_smile long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_animal looking_up male_focus multicolored_hair parted_bangs robe rope_belt sash see-through see-through_shawl shawl side_braid solo swallow_(bird) swallow_bun_(the_tale_of_food) tareme tassel tassel_hair_ornament the_tale_of_food upper_body white_robe white_shawl wide_sleeves willow wings yellow_eyes
 +++ 1girl 2boys :d adam's_apple belt belt_buckle black_belt black_coat black_necktie black_pants black_shirt black_vest bob_cut brooch brother_and_sister brothers brown_hair buckle buttons coat collared_coat collared_shirt crossed_bangs day diamond_button facing_away falling_leaves feet_out_of_frame flower_wreath grey_eyes grey_necktie grey_shirt hair_between_eyes hand_on_own_knee head_wreath hope_(yume-100) jewelry knee_up leaf lens_flare light_(yume-100) matching_outfits mountain multiple_boys necktie on_grass on_one_knee open_clothes open_coat open_mouth outdoors pants parted_lips protagonist_(yume-100) red_hair shirt siblings sitting sleeve_cuffs smile spoilers sweatdrop tree twins upper_body vest white_coat white_pants white_shirt white_vest wuren_daoshang_dekezong yume_oukoku_to_nemureru_100-nin_no_ouji-sama
 1girl absurdres bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_dress blue_eyes brooch crown dress earrings eyelashes hair_over_one_eye highres holding holding_wand jewelry long_hair long_sleeves luma_(mario) mario_(series) nintendo off-shoulder_dress off_shoulder parted_lips purple_nails rosalina star_(symbol) star_brooch star_earrings super_mario_galaxy upper_body wand yasaikakiage
 1boy 1girl akehi_yuki animated bed bed_sheet bow braid breasts brooch censored ears french_braid groin hair_between_eyes hand_to_own_mouth heart heart-shaped_pupils indoors interior jewelry kishin_sagume knees knees_up large_breasts live2d looking_at_viewer lying medium_hair midriff mosaic_censoring nipples no_bra no_panties nose on_back on_bed paid_reward_available penis pillow pussy red_bow red_eyes sex single_wing skirt smile spread_legs symbol-shaped_pupils touhou video white_hair wings
 1girl bikini bikini_top_only blue_bikini blue_nails border brooch closed_eyes earrings fork gold_bracelet highres holding holding_fork jewelry layered_bikini mario_(series) mermaid mermaid_peach monster_girl music musical_note navel necklace nintendo official_alternate_costume open_mouth outside_border pearl_earrings pearl_necklace pink_bikini princess_peach princess_peach:_showtime! rock saiwo_(saiwoproject) seaweed singing solo sphere_earrings strapless strapless_bikini swimsuit two-tone_bikini underwater white_border

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