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 beretta_px4 black_cape black_leotard breasts brown_hair cape crossed_legs english_text fur_collar girls'_frontline green_eyes gun handgun highres hood large_breasts leotard looking_at_viewer mole mole_under_eye official_alternate_costume official_art on_chair one_eye_closed px4_storm_(girls'_frontline) px4_storm_(mod3)_(girls'_frontline) sitting weapon
 1girl beretta_px4 black_leotard breasts brown_hair english_text fur_collar girls'_frontline green_eyes gun handgun highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon large_breasts leotard mole mole_under_eye official_alternate_costume official_art px4_storm_(girls'_frontline) px4_storm_(mod3)_(girls'_frontline) solo torn_clothes trigger_discipline weapon
 1boy avi_(usernames_avi) bara beard big_belly blush chest_tuft collared_shirt colored_skin denim doodle_inset english_text facial_hair fat full_beard green_skin gregory_barot_(avi) highres jeans large_hands large_pectorals looking_at_viewer looking_down male_focus mature_male monster_boy muscular muscular_male mustache one-eyed original pants pectorals plump shirt short_hair standing thick_arm_hair thick_beard thick_eyebrows thick_mustache wrinkled_skin
 1boy 1girl absurdres armor black_background brown_cape cape covered_eyes elden_ring english_text facing_away fake_horns from_behind fur-trimmed_armor fur-trimmed_cape fur_trim helmet highres holding_hands horned_helmet horns horse long_hair malenia_blade_of_miquella mechanical_arms pauldrons prosthesis prosthetic_arm red_cape red_hair shadderfans shoulder_armor spoilers standing starscourge_radahn vambraces winged_helmet
 1girl avengers:_age_of_ultron avengers_(series) blonde_hair blue_eyes cloak close-up commentary english_commentary english_text forehead_jewel gold_circlet headshot highres holding holding_staff hood hooded_cloak looking_at_viewer marvel marvel_cinematic_universe meme nintendo portrait princess_zelda staff sungyeah thanos the_legend_of_zelda the_legend_of_zelda:_echoes_of_wisdom tri_rod twitter_username
 2girls ahoge arms_behind_back blue_hair blue_pants blush braid commentary english_commentary english_text hands_in_pockets jacket long_hair long_skirt looking_at_another mariadraws97 multiple_girls open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pants ranma-chan ranma_1/2 red_footwear red_hair shared_thought_bubble shirt short_hair simple_background skirt socks speech_bubble standing tendou_akane thought_bubble turtleneck turtleneck_shirt white_background white_socks yellow_footwear yellow_shirt yellow_skirt

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