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Tag type: General

An image depicting one ambiguously or non-gendered character.

Dolls only count if they act on their own.

Depictions of characters on paintings etc. don't count unless it plays a major role in the work.

If the presence of a character is only implicated it doesn't count.

To be used in combination with ambiguous_gender or androgynous where applicable.

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 1boy 1other :d black_footwear black_necktie black_pants bracelet candy collared_shirt earrings food full_body grey_hair hand_focus hand_tattoo highres holding holding_candy holding_food holding_lollipop jewelry kaeru_(uj26cobrsv) lip_piercing lollipop looking_down necktie open_mouth pants pavia_(reverse:1999) picking_up piercing pink-tinted_eyewear purple_shirt reverse:1999 shirt short_hair short_sleeves smile speech_bubble squatting sunglasses swept_bangs tattoo tinted_eyewear undone_necktie v-shaped_eyebrows white_background wolf
 1girl 1other 3boys =_= androgynous black_sclera black_tank_top blue_jacket blue_skin blue_sweater blurry blurry_background brown_hair building bulging_eyes burgerpants cape cel_shading cheering chef_hat child clenched_hand colored_sclera colored_skin commentary copyright_name cup eating eating_contest eyepatch fins flowey_(undertale) food food_on_face fork frisk_(undertale) gloves grin hat head_fins highres holding holding_fork hood hood_down hooded_jacket jacket kamezaemon ketchup long_sleeves mettaton multiple_boys one_eye_closed open_mouth outdoors papyrus_(undertale) pasta pine_tree pink_shirt plate plate_stack ponytail red_cape red_gloves red_hair sans shirt short_hair short_sleeves skeleton smile spaghetti steam sweat sweater swept_bangs table tablecloth tank_top tearing_up tree undertale undyne upper_body
 1boy 1other =_= androgynous ankle_boots blurry blurry_background bone boots brown_footwear brown_hair cape cel_shading child clenched_teeth copyright_name dutch_angle floating floating_object frisk_(undertale) full_body gloves glowing grin hand_on_another's_shoulder highres holding holding_stick kamezaemon leg_up legs_apart outdoors papyrus_(undertale) pine_tree raised_eyebrow red_cape red_footwear red_gloves romper shoes short_hair skeleton smile snow solid_oval_eyes standing stick sweat teeth tree undertale
 +++ 1other 2boys =_= ^_^ androgynous ankle_boots between_legs black_background black_sclera black_shorts blue_jacket blue_tongue blush_stickers bone boots brown_footwear brown_hair cape cel_shading child clenched_hands closed_eyes colored_sclera colored_tongue commentary copyright_name eating flexing food frisk_(undertale) full_body gloves grin hanging_on_arm headpat highres holding holding_food hood hood_down hooded_jacket jacket kamezaemon knees_up legs_apart monster_kid_(undertale) multiple_boys multiple_views no_nose open_mouth papyrus_(undertale) pink_footwear red_cape red_footwear red_gloves ribs romper sans shoes short_hair shorts simple_background sitting skeleton slippers smile standing tongue tongue_out undertale
 1other blood colored_sclera furry green_sclera grey_background highres kamikiririp original pants red_eyes scar scar_on_arm shirt tail white_hair
1other bug digimon digimon_(creature) digimon_new_century exoskeleton heraklekabuterimon heraklekabuterimon_x-antibody highres horns official_art other_focus rhinoceros_beetle sharp_teeth solo teeth

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