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Tag type: General

Someone is holding a poke_ball of any type.

This often happens when pokemon_trainers, with fighting_stance-like poses, are ready to call out a member of their team for a battle.

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 1girl arm_at_side arm_tattoo black_hair black_tank_top blue_hair blue_shorts creatures_(company) crop_top dark-skinned_female dark_skin earrings eyelashes from_behind game_freak holding holding_poke_ball hoop_earrings jewelry long_hair long_sleeves looking_to_the_side multicolored_hair nessa_(pokemon) ngy09 nintendo outstretched_arm poke_ball pokemon pokemon_swsh shorts solo tank_top tattoo
 1boy 1other archeops artist_name black_fur blue_eyes carracosta claws creatures_(company) dated e_volution emboar fangs fire flying game_freak gen_5_pokemon highres holding holding_poke_ball horns klinklang legendary_pokemon letterboxed n_(pokemon) nintendo open_mouth poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_bw pov red_hair reshiram samurott scolipede serperior single_horn slit_pupils spikes talons unfezant vanilluxe zekrom zoroark
 2girls 5boys ampharos arcanine baseball_cap black_fur black_kyurem black_leggings blonde_hair blue_background blue_eyes brown_eyes brown_hair casting_spell closed_mouth colored_skin colress_(pokemon) commentary_request creatures_(company) double_bun doughnut_hair_bun eyelashes fangs forehead_jewel game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon gen_4_pokemon gen_5_pokemon genesect ghetsis_(pokemon) green_eyes green_hair hair_between_eyes hair_bun hat highres hilbert_(pokemon) hilda_(pokemon) holding holding_poke_ball horns keldeo keldeo_(resolute) kyurem legendary_pokemon leggings long_hair lucario multiple_boys multiple_girls mythical_pokemon n_(pokemon) nate_(pokemon) nintendo orange_fur pants poke_ball poke_ball_(basic) poke_ball_print pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_bw pokemon_bw2 print_headwear red_eyes red_hair red_headwear rosa_(pokemon) ryuusei_(trickster) samurott serperior single_horn snake snout tail twintails visor_cap white_pants yellow_skin zekrom zoroark
 1girl absurdres bea_(pokemon) black_bodysuit black_hairband bodysuit bodysuit_under_clothes bow_hairband breasts closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary_request creatures_(company) dark-skinned_female dark_skin dynamax_band eyelashes game_freak gloves grey_eyes grey_hair hairband highres holding holding_poke_ball hyakka_(momokashinryu14) knee_pads medium_breasts nintendo partially_fingerless_gloves poke_ball pokemon pokemon_swsh print_shirt print_shorts shirt short_hair shorts side_slit side_slit_shorts single_glove solo tied_shirt ultra_ball
 1girl bare_legs bare_shoulders creatures_(company) denim denim_shorts game_freak gen_1_pokemon green_eyes holding holding_poke_ball legs looking_at_viewer mega_stone midriff misty_(pokemon) navel nintendo one_eye_closed orange_hair poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_sm_(anime) psyduck shiny_skin shoes short_sidetail shorts simple_background sleeveless sneakers solo staryu suspenders wink
 1girl 1other antennae blue_hair boots cape clair_(pokemon) claws company_connection cosplay creatures_(company) dragonite fingerless_gloves fire_emblem fire_emblem_awakening game_freak gen_1_pokemon gloves highres holding holding_poke_ball horns lucina_(fire_emblem) lucina_(fire_emblem)_(cosplay) nintendo poke_ball poke_ball_(basic) pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_hgss ponytail rod_langhi single_horn smile wings

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