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For 袖 [1] as a more generic word, search "*sleeves*" [2].

Sode (袖) or tousei sode (当世袖) are the samurai armor's equivalent of spaulders. They are are large, rectangular shoulder pieces made from overlapping iron and/or leather plates, tied together by leather cord.

Sode can be constructed to be relatively flexible or rigid and may cover just the shoulders or most of the arm down to the elbow.

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Japanese Clothes
kusazuri, a similarly constructed skirt of lamellar plates covering the upper legs.

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 animal animal_focus armor beak bird clothed_animal commentary_request covered_eyes crane_(animal) feet_out_of_frame from_behind hat hat_over_eyes hat_tassel hatching_(texture) highres japanese_armor jingasa kiseru mouth_hold no_humans original shoulder_armor simple_background smoke smoking smoking_pipe sode solo spread_wings tassel tonbippo08 white_background wings
 animal animal_focus armor beak bird brown_background clothed_animal commentary hatching_(texture) hawk helmet highres japanese_armor kabuto_(helmet) looking_at_viewer mitsudomoe_(shape) no_humans original red_sun shoulder_armor simple_background sode solo straight-on symbol-only_commentary tassel tomoe_(symbol) tonbippo08 upper_body yellow_eyes
 animal animal_focus armor beak bird close-up clothed_animal commentary feathers from_side hawk helmet highres japanese_armor kabuto_(helmet) looking_ahead no_humans original portrait profile shoulder_armor sode solo symbol-only_commentary tassel tonbippo08 wings yellow_eyes
 ajirogasa animal animal_focus arm_guards armor clothed_animal fangs floral_print flower fox fox_mask from_side full_body hat hat_flower highres japanese_armor japanese_clothes kimono kiseru mask mouth_hold no_humans open_mouth original pink_flower red_kimono rope shimenawa shoulder_armor simple_background smoking_pipe sode solo tassel tonbippo08 unworn_mask yellow_background
 ajirogasa animal animal_focus arm_guards armor back_bow blue_kimono bow clothed_animal from_side hat highres japanese_armor japanese_clothes katana kimono kiseru mouth_hold no_humans original rope seigaiha sharp_teeth shimenawa shoulder_armor simple_background slit_pupils smoking_pipe sode solo straw_hat sword teeth tonbippo08 weapon white_background wolf
 absurdres animal animal_focus armor bird claws clothed_animal foot_out_of_frame from_side hawk helmet highres japanese_armor kabuto_(helmet) koinobori kusazuri no_humans original shin_guards shoulder_armor sode solo talons tassel tonbippo08 windsock yellow_background

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