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A breastplate is a type of cast all metal armor that covers the torso. Most famously used by heavy infantry and heavy cavalry from the European medieval era, it is meant to deflect and/or absorb incoming projectiles and strikes.

The breastplate used in kyudo (Japanese archery) is called a muneate and is designed to protect the breasts from being struck by the bowstring during shooting.

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 1girl alternate_costume armor armored_dress black_hairband bob_cut breastplate cape closed_mouth commentary cowboy_shot english_commentary flower gauntlets gloves hair_ornament hairband highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon knight megadeus_mommy pauldrons r_dorothy_wayneright red_hair rose shield short_hair shoulder_armor solo stained_glass sword the_big_o upper_body weapon
 1girl ahoge arm_armor armor armored_leotard asphyxiation bodystocking boobplate bound_leg breastplate breasts broken_armor cleavage covered_navel dirty dirty_face goddess_of_victory:_nikke hair_between_eyes hair_intakes highres large_breasts long_hair nihilister_(nikke) o_o_k_i_n_a red_eyes red_hair see-through see-through_cleavage sidelocks spread_legs sweat tentacles torn_bodystocking torn_clothes
 2boys angel angel_wings armor battle black_legion blade_encarmine blood_angels breastplate clawed_gauntlets commentary couter cowboy_shot english_commentary from_behind fur-trimmed_armor fur_trim gauntlets gem glowing glowing_sword glowing_weapon gold_armor highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon horus_lupercal incoming_attack laurel_crown leg_armor leopard_pelt light_trail male_focus multiple_boys ornate_armor out_of_frame pauldrons pelt power_armor primarch red_eyes red_gemstone regalia_resplendent rerebrace sanguinius shoulder_armor signature snow_leopard_pelt solo_focus straight-on sword teardrop-shaped_gem the_serpent's_scales_(warhammer) titanforg view_over_shoulder warhammer_40k weapon white_wings wings
 2boys ancient_egyptian_hat armor armored_boots artist_name blue_gemstone book boots breastplate carrying carrying_person colored_skin commentary cuirass english_commentary full_armor full_body gauntlets gem greaves grimoire hazard_stripes horns injury iron_warriors leg_armor light_trail long_hair magic magnus_the_red male_focus mechanical_parts missing_eye multiple_boys open_mouth ornate_armor pauldrons perturabo poleyn power_armor primarch princess_carry realistic red_gemstone red_hair red_skin relithel rerebrace rescue scarab shoulder_armor teeth the_crown_of_the_crimson_king the_horned_raiment the_logos_(warhammer) thousand_sons upper_body warhammer_40k
 1boy 1girl angel angel_wings armor black_hair blade_encarmine blonde_hair blood_angels blue_eyes blue_sky boobplate breastplate commentary commission cowboy_shot english_commentary falling_feathers feathers flower full_armor gem giving_flower gold_armor halo halo_behind_head holding holding_flower holding_rose kneeling living_saint lutherniel mechanical_halo ornate_armor outdoors parted_lips power_armor primarch red_gemstone regalia_resplendent saint_celestine sanguinius single_rose sky smile warhammer_40k white_wings wings
 1boy armor blank_speech_bubble blush breastplate charisma_break commentary couter embarrassed english_commentary flustered gauntlets greyscale hatching_(texture) imperial_fists light_blush lineart looking_down male_focus monochrome mr10101110 nose_blush parted_lips pauldrons power_armor primarch rerebrace rogal_dorn short_hair shoulder_armor shy simple_background sketch solo speech_bubble surprised the_auric_armor unfinished upper_body warhammer_40k white_background

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