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When a character is holding a gift.

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 2girls bang_dream! bang_dream!_it's_mygo!!!!! black_coat blue_eyes blurry blurry_background box cheek-to-cheek christmas closed_mouth coat commentary english_commentary gift gift_box grey_hair heads_together heterochromia highres holding holding_gift holding_letter jacha_gam kaname_raana letter light_particles multiple_girls outdoors parted_lips purple_coat red_eyes red_scarf scarf shared_clothes shared_scarf short_hair smile sweatdrop takamatsu_tomori upper_body white_hair yellow_eyes
 2girls :3 aikatsu!_(series) aikatsu_stars! banner blue_hair blush border gift glasses half_updo hanazono_kirara hand_up holding holding_gift looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair multiple_girls nanakura_koharu off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder open_mouth osouzai-kun pink_eyes pink_hair pinstripe_pattern pinstripe_shirt pointing pointing_at_self pointing_with_thumb purple_eyes purple_hair purple_shirt romaji_text semi-rimless_eyewear shirt short_hair smile two-tone_hair upper_body v-shaped_eyebrows white_border
 1girl 2boys aether_(genshin_impact) ahoge aqua_gemstone arm_tattoo armor artist_name asymmetrical_gloves bag belt black_gloves black_hair blue_belt blue_gloves blue_hair blue_pants blue_sky blush bow box brown_eyes character_print cloud cloudy_sky coin day detached_sleeves diamond-shaped_pupils diamond_(shape) eyeshadow facial_mark ffn_111 fingernails flower forehead_mark gem genshin_impact gift gift_box ginkgo_leaf gloves gold_trim guoba_(genshin_impact) highres holding holding_bag holding_box holding_gift jewelry leaf long_sleeves looking_at_another makeup mandarin_collar multicolored_hair multiple_boys necklace outdoors package paimon_(genshin_impact) pants pearl_necklace pink_ribbon red_eyeshadow ribbon romper shirt short_hair shoulder_armor single_bare_shoulder single_detached_sleeve sky sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo_focus standing sweatdrop symbol-shaped_pupils tassel tattoo teeth two-tone_hair vision_(genshin_impact) white_flower white_romper white_shirt wide_sleeves xiao_(genshin_impact) yellow_bow
 ahoge bob_cut brown_hair card_(medium) commentary cropped_shirt crystal english_commentary english_text gift gradient_hair hair_ornament hairclip holding holding_gift huge_ahoge jewelry midriff multicolored_hair nanotouko navel necklace off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder original pendant red_eyes red_hair shirt upper_body x_hair_ornament
 1boy angel_wings aran_sweater baby's-breath blonde_hair blue_background blue_bow blue_eyes blue_flower bow box cable_knit closed_mouth dairoku_ryouhei falling_petals flower gift gift_box hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament holding holding_gift long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus muntins petals restia_vayu sawamuri sidelocks smile solo straight-on sweater turtleneck upper_body white_flower white_sweater white_wings window wings
 1girl bandage_on_face bandage_over_one_eye bandages bandaid bandaid_on_face black_jacket border gauze gauze_on_face gauze_over_eye gift grey_background grey_eyes holding holding_gift jacket limbus_company necktie pink_hair pov project_moon red_necktie solo tsee4372 upper_body white_border yuri_(project_moon)

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