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The act of a grabbing a woman's breasts or, less commonly, other body parts.

See also:
* grabbing_another's_breast (formerly breast_grab)
* grabbing_own_breast
* ass_grab
* thigh_grab
* torso_grab
* arm_grab
* leg_grab
* groping

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 2girls absurdres blonde_hair blush breasts couple drunk finger_to_another's_mouth finger_to_mouth fingering flirting grabbing hand_under_dress highres holding_hands hug hug_from_behind long_hair multiple_girls nishiyos reverse:1999 teacher_and_student vietnamese_commentary vietnamese_text vila_(reverse:1999) white_background white_hair windsong_(reverse:1999) yuri
 !? >_< 2girls absurdres ahoge alternate_costume black_jacket black_skirt blue_eyes blue_hair braid braided_bangs brown_eyes brown_hair dress_shirt english_text forked_tongue formal gem_in_body glasses grabbing guoo hair_intakes highres hololive hololive_english jacket lamia lanyard loafers missing_poster monster_girl monsterification multiple_girls multiple_views nanashi_mumei office_lady official_alternate_hairstyle on_floor ouro_kronii paper pencil_skirt shirt shoes short_hair sitting skirt snake_girl speech_bubble suit sweatdrop sweater thighhighs tongue triangle_mouth veil virtual_youtuber white_shirt yellow_sweater yuri
 1girl absurdres blush breasts brown_hair commission grabbing hakama hakama_skirt headband highres holiday_(pangjelly) japanese_clothes kimono kumon_waka large_breasts long_hair miko open_mouth phantom_breaker pixiv_commission red_hakama red_headband ryona size_difference skirt solo squeezing white_kimono
 !? 1boy 1girl absurdres bar_censor bare_shoulders blush breasts censored detached_sleeves dxao elbow_gloves gloves grabbing grey_hair headgear heart heart-shaped_pupils hetero highres leotard long_hair medium_breasts nozomi_(snowbreak) penis pink_eyes purple_leotard pussy see-through see-through_sleeves sex snowbreak:_containment_zone solo_focus spoken_interrobang stomach_bulge straddling symbol-shaped_pupils tears twintails vaginal
 1boy 1girl armor artist_name back-to-back belt blue_cape blunt_ends blush bow bracelet braid breath cape cold dress genshin_impact grabbing gradient_hair green_eyes green_hair hair_intakes hair_ornament hakama hakama_shorts hand_in_pocket hetero highres japanese_armor japanese_clothes jewelry kimono kote kurokote leaf leaf_hair_ornament looking_back maple_leaf multicolored_hair nahida_(genshin_impact) open_mouth purple_belt purple_eyes purple_hair scaramouche_(genshin_impact) short_sleeves shorts side_ponytail simple_background single_braid standing steam thighs toro_astro translation_request two-tone_background vest wanderer_(genshin_impact) white_dress white_hair white_kimono white_vest
 1boy 1girl anchovy_(girls_und_panzer) black_ribbon blush breasts cape censored cleavage closed_eyes drill_hair faceless faceless_male girls_und_panzer grabbing green_hair hair_ribbon handjob hetero highres hug huge_breasts licking_another's_hair long_hair miniskirt mosaic_censoring pantyhose penis pleated_skirt ribbon shirt simple_background skirt standing sweat twin_drills twintails uniform unipiano white_background white_shirt

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