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Images with the year 2018 dated on them. In the Chinese_zodiac, it is the Year_of_the_Dog.

Do NOT tag if 2018 is only a part of the picture's creation date! (Example: 01/02/2018)

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 1girl 2018 cigarette close-up collared_coat commentary dated english_commentary eyelashes gloves highres hina_(one_piece) holding holding_cigarette long_hair looking_to_the_side monochrome one_eye_closed one_piece sherumaru_(korcht06) signature simple_background smoke solo sunglasses upper_body
 1girl 2018 animal blunt_bangs border claws collared_shirt commentary dated english_commentary eyelashes highres light_smile long_hair looking_at_viewer monochrome nico_robin one_piece profile sharp_teeth sherumaru_(korcht06) shirt signature sunglasses teeth upper_body whiskers
 1boy 2018 arrow_(symbol) artist_name bare_shoulders black_choker blue_hair can choker closed_mouth collarbone colored_sclera commentary cropped_shoulders cropped_torso dangle_earrings dark-skinned_male dark_skin drink_can drinking earrings english_commentary fangs flower_tattoo flying_sweatdrops frown furrowed_brow hand_on_own_neck highres holding holding_can jewelry kitkaloid male_focus multiple_views neck_tattoo open_mouth orange_eyes original parted_bangs parted_lips pointy_ears short_hair simple_background smile smirk soda_can sweater tattoo teeth thick_eyebrows upper_teeth_only watermark white_background yellow_sclera yellow_sweater
 2018 2019 3girls ;) ;d ao_(ao0_0nemu) arrow_(symbol) bad_id bad_twitter_id black_dress black_jacket blue_eyes blue_hair brown_hair closed_mouth commentary_request dorothy_west dress fang green_eyes grey_hair hair_between_eyes highres jacket kurosu_aroma long_hair long_sleeves multiple_girls one_eye_closed open_mouth pretty_series pripara salute shikyoin_hibiki shirt short_hair smile two-finger_salute upper_body white_shirt yellow_background
 1boy 2016 2018 abs arm_hair bara barefoot beard black_hair body_writing chest_hair chinese_zodiac completely_nude cum cum_on_body cum_on_male cum_on_pectorals darius_(fma) erection facial_hair full_body fullmetal_alchemist grin hairy happy_new_year large_pectorals leg_hair long_sideburns looking_at_viewer male_focus male_pubic_hair mature_male muscular muscular_male new_year nipples nude overarc pectorals penis pubic_hair short_hair sideburns smile solo stomach testicles thick_thighs thighs twitching_penis uncensored year_of_the_monkey
 +++ ... 1girl 2018 absurdres ahoge artist_name black_collar black_hair black_shirt blush breasts cheetah_print cleavage closed_eyes closed_mouth collar collarbone collared_jacket commentary english_commentary frown green_eyes high_collar high_ponytail highres jacket kitkaloid large_breasts laughing light_blush lipstick long_hair long_sleeves makeup multiple_views notice_lines open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth original red_lips shirt sidelocks simple_background smile speech_bubble spiked_collar spikes tearing_up tears teeth upper_teeth_only watermark white_background wiping_tears yellow_jacket yellow_sleeves

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