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A person hired to kill other persons.

See also:

* assassin_(F/SN) from Fate/Stay_Night
* assassin_(RO) from Ragnarok_Online
* Assassin's_Creed, a video game series


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 6+boys armor artificial_eye artist_name assassin battle black_bodysuit blood blue_eyes bodysuit copyright_name eversor_assassin glowing glowing_eyes highres holding mask mechanical_arms motion_blur multiple_boys officio_assassinorum red_theme shoulder_armor skull skull_mask spiked_helmet teeth tube warhammer_40k weapon zhang_bozi
 2boys :< android animal_ears animal_nose assassin backlighting blood blood_on_hands bone cat_boy cat_ears ceiling_light claws commentary corpse death denchou english_commentary furry furry_male glowing glowing_eyes highres indoors japanese_clothes kimono lamp licking_own_claws looking_down male_focus multiple_boys murder muscular muscular_male navel open_clothes open_kimono original red_eyes science_fiction window
 2girls absurdres all_lee24 armor assassin black_armor black_knife_(elden_ring) black_knife_tiche breastplate cape cleanrot_knight_finlay covered_face elden_ring full_armor gauntlets gold_armor graphite_(medium) helm helmet highres holding holding_knife holding_weapon hood hood_up knife multiple_girls pauldrons plate_armor shoulder_armor simple_background straddling tall_female traditional_media upright_straddle weapon winged_helmet
 1girl armor artist_name assassin black_bodysuit blood blurry blurry_background bodysuit clawed_hands copyright_name eversor_assassin gas_mask glowing glowing_eyes headlight highres holding mask officio_assassinorum pauldrons short_sword shoulder_armor single_pauldron skull skull_mask spiked_helmet sword tube warhammer_40k weapon wire yellow_eyes zhang_bozi
 1girl arm_blade artist_name assassin black_bodysuit blood bodysuit callidus_assassin copyright_name decapitation glowing glowing_eyes glowing_sword glowing_weapon highres holding holding_weapon long_hair mask officio_assassinorum ponytail red_eyes skull_ornament sword tube warhammer_40k weapon zhang_bozi
 1girl aquila_(symbol) artist_name assassin black_bodysuit bodysuit bullet copyright_name glowing glowing_eyes gun highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon imperial_aquila mask officio_assassinorum red_eyes rifle scope shell_casing skull skull_mask skull_ornament sliding sniper_rifle vindicare_assassin warhammer_40k weapon zhang_bozi

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