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Tag type: General

The namesake creatures from the Pokemon series. Use this tag whenever a Pokémon is present in a picture.

For a list of currently used Pokémon tags on Gelbooru, visit List_of_Pokemon.

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1boy 1girl all_fours animated animated_gif ass ass_shake blush colored_sclera creatures_(company) furry furry_male game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_7_pokemon golbat highres looking_at_viewer looking_back lycanroc lycanroc_(midday) nintendo penis pokemon pokemon_(creature) tagme tansau vaginal wings yellow_sclera
animal_focus bubble closed_eyes creatures_(company) dated fins game_freak gen_1_pokemon highres nintendo no_humans pandamun pokemon pokemon_(creature) signature smile solo spikes vaporeon
1girl against_wall animated animated_gif anus arms_up ass_shake creatures_(company) game_freak gen_1_pokemon glowing glowing_eyes golbat looking_at_viewer looking_back nintendo nude pokemon pokemon_(creature) pussy standing tagme tansau wings yellow_eyes
animated animated_gif ass_shake bikini black_bikini creatures_(company) fangs game_freak gen_1_pokemon glowing glowing_eyes golbat looking_at_viewer looking_back nintendo pokemon pokemon_(creature) smile standing swimsuit tagme tansau wings yellow_eyes
animal_focus blonde_hair blush bow closed_eyes creatures_(company) eevee espeon evolutionary_line fins flareon forehead_jewel game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon gen_4_pokemon gen_6_pokemon glaceon jolteon leafeon lying nintendo no_humans open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(creature) ribbon sleeping spikes sylveon umbreon vaporeon
blue_eyes blue_hair blush bow creatures_(company) game_freak gen_4_pokemon gen_6_pokemon glaceon heart looking_at_viewer nell_two nintendo one_eye_closed pokemon pokemon_(creature) ribbon sidelocks smile sylveon

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