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2003 Server is a Saba-tan, a Windows Server personification, part of the OS-tans. Saba is a pun: in Japanese, the word for server is pronounced "saabaa", while "saba" is the word for mackerel.

She is often portrayed as being half-girl, half-fish, with an Ethernet hub as a bonnet on her head. In this form, she also tends to be portrayed with a maebari covering her cloaca (crotch area). Other versions show her as a girl with a short white skirt and a vest-style top with a long tail in the back (usually with a bow) and Windows four-square logo pins in the bow at her neck and on the tail. In some forms, she has a belt made from Ethernet cable wrapped around her waist. The more common design is the half-girl half-fish version.

Saba-tan is constantly being eaten by cats (As another gag of the fact that she's a fish).

Some time after this character was made, OS-tans for Windows 2000_Server, NT_Server and 2008_Server have been made, following the same design cues as 2003 Server. The three of them are often seen together, but 2003 Server is the most common of the Saba-tans.


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 2003_server ahoge barefoot bdsm blue_eyes bondage bound bow feet fins fish_tail loli maebari monster_girl os-tan pink_hair sakurabe_notos simple_background soles tail tail_bow tail_ornament toes white_background
 2003_server 2girls age_difference blue_eyes blush grabbing_another's_breast breasts breasts_out ghost_in_the_shell ghost_in_the_shell_stand_alone_complex grabbing head_on_chest headdress jacket kusanagi_motoko large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer lowres multiple_girls oekaki onee-loli open_clothes open_jacket pink_hair purple_background purple_hair rakugaki rakugaki_(artist) red_eyes short_hair simple_background speech_bubble sweat sweatdrop translated yuri
 1girl 2003_server 4n close-up female_focus loli monster_girl navel nude open_mouth os-tan pussy solo teeth underwater upside-down
 1girl 2003_server 4n dakimakura_(medium) fins gills highres loli maebari monster_girl navel open_mouth os-tan pink_hair pussy sharp_teeth tail teeth webbed_feet webbed_hands what
 1girl 2003_server 4n :d female_focus loli monochrome monster_girl navel open_mouth os-tan pussy smile solo tail traditional_media
 2003_server 2k-tan 3.1-tan 3boys 6+girls 95-tan 98-tan 98se-tan ^_^ ahoge aramaki_daisuke artist_request bald balding bare_shoulders barefoot beret blonde_hair blue_hair blue_skirt breasts brown_hair ce-tan child cleavage closed_eyes commentary convenient_censoring crossover dos dr_norton dress elbow_gloves everyone eye_contact facing_viewer flat_chest full_body ghost_in_the_shell glasses gloves green_hair grey_hair group_picture harem hat horns jacket juliet_sleeves knees_together_feet_apart knees_up kusanagi_motoko lab_coat large_breasts lavender_dress lindows linux linux-tan long_hair long_sleeves longhorn looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side lowres maid_headdress mcafee mcafee_antivirus me-tan mini_person minigirl monocle ms-dos-tan multiple_boys multiple_girls norton nt-tan oekaki one_eye_closed opaque_glasses open_clothes open_jacket operator_(gits) os-tan os9 osx pantyhose pen personification pigeon-toed pimp pink_hair pleated_skirt pointing pointing_at_another puffy_sleeves purple_background purple_hair saba-tan school_uniform simple_background sitting skirt smile socks spring_onion standing stethoscope sweater thighhighs trend_micro_virus_buster white_legwear wink xp-tan yokozuwari yuri

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