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生肖, 十二支, 干支

The Shēngxiào (Chinese: 生肖), better known in English as the Chinese Zodiac, is a scheme that relates each year to an animal and its reputed attributes, which, combined with the 5 Chinese elements (fire, water, earth, wood, metal), creates a 60-year cycle. Many other east Asian nations have adopted the Chinese Zodiac as well, sometimes with slight changes.

The twelve zodiacs:

* Zi (子): Rat_(Chinese_Zodiac).
* Chou (丑): Ox_(Chinese_Zodiac).
** Other version: Water Buffalo (Vietnam).
* Yin (寅): Tiger_(Chinese_Zodiac).
** Other version: Leopard (Kazakhstan)
* Mao (卯): Rabbit_(Chinese_Zodiac).
** Other version: Cat (Vietnam).
* Chen (辰): Dragon_(Chinese_Zodiac).
** Other version: Snail (Kazakhstan)
* Si (巳): Snake_(Chinese_Zodiac).
* Wu (午): Horse_(Chinese_Zodiac).
* Wei (未): Sheep_(Chinese_Zodiac).
* Shen (申): Monkey_(Chinese_Zodiac).
* You (酉): Rooster_(Chinese_Zodiac).
* Xu (戌): Dog_(Chinese_Zodiac).
* Hai (亥): The Pig.
** Other versions: Boar_(Chinese_Zodiac) (Japan), Elephant (Northern Thailand).

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