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Tag type: General

Sleeves that cover the arms to at least the wrists.

Detached_sleeves may still apply if the sleeves begin at least from the middle of upper arms.

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 1girl absurdres azur_lane black-framed_eyewear black_horns black_nails blurry blurry_background bodystocking breast_cutout breasts clothing_cutout covered_navel curled_horns friedrich_carl_(azur_lane) gem hair_ornament heart highres holding horn_ornament horns huge_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mature_female mixed-language_commentary pink_gemstone purple_eyes purple_hair rectangular_eyewear red_gemstone semi-rimless_eyewear solo stomach_cutout tini very_long_hair watermark
 1girl absurdres ahoge aikawa_ryou blush bow brown_eyes brown_hair closed_mouth collarbone collared_shirt commentary_request flying_sweatdrops genderswap genderswap_(mtf) hands_up head_tilt heart heart_hands highres long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer nervous_smile onii-chan_wa_oshimai! oyama_mahiro pink_bow pink_shirt pleated_skirt puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves shirt simple_background skirt sleeves_past_wrists smile solo upper_body very_long_hair white_background white_skirt
 1girl black_footwear blue_jacket blue_skirt brown_background brown_eyes brown_flower brown_hair brown_thighhighs commentary_request crossed_legs earrings full_body grin hair_intakes hibiki_koto highres jacket jewelry loafers long_sleeves looking_at_viewer nou_(nounknown) official_art open_clothes open_jacket pleated_skirt shirt shoes skirt smile solo standing thighhighs vocaloid white_shirt
 2boys 3girls absurdres ahoge arjuna_(fate) armor armored_leotard artoria_caster_(fate) artoria_caster_(second_ascension)_(fate) artoria_pendragon_(fate) beret black_armor black_eyes black_gloves black_hair black_leotard black_pants blonde_hair blue_cape blue_capelet blue_cloak bow breasts cape capelet chaldea_logo chaldea_uniform chinese_clothes cloak dark-skinned_male dark_skin dress eyeshadow fate/grand_order fate_(series) fujimaru_ritsuka_(female) fujimaru_ritsuka_(female)_(decisive_battle_chaldea_uniform) gloves green_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_over_one_eye hat highres holding hood hooded_cape indian_clothes jacket leotard long_hair long_sleeves makeup mash_kyrielight mash_kyrielight_(ortenaus) multicolored_capelet multicolored_leotard multiple_boys multiple_girls official_alternate_costume omame_korokor orange_eyes orange_hair pale_skin pants pantyhose purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyeshadow short_hair smile solo_focus taisui_xingjun_(fate) thighhighs twintails white_dress white_gloves white_jacket
 1boy :t artist_name black_headband black_shirt blush_stickers brown_jacket brown_sleeves character_request chewing chibi chinese_commentary closed_mouth collared_jacket commentary_request copyright_request cropped_torso eating food fruit headband high_collar highres holding holding_food holding_fruit jacket long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus open_clothes open_jacket puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves sample_watermark sanshui_guantang shirt short_hair simple_background smile solo straight-on turtleneck turtleneck_shirt twitter_username watermark watermelon watermelon_slice white_hair yellow_background yellow_eyes
 2girls ahoge alcherainia arlecchino_(genshin_impact) back black_eyes black_gloves black_hair black_jacket black_socks black_thighhighs blood blood_on_face blue_flower blue_rose bow bowtie clervie_(genshin_impact) cloud cloudy_sky commentary english_commentary english_text evening flower genshin_impact gloves gradient_sky grey_hair grey_shirt hair_over_one_eye highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon injury jacket kneehighs leaf long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another mandarin_collar mountain multicolored_hair multiple_girls outdoors pine_tree pink_hair pink_sky purple_sky red_pupils rose shirt short_hair shorts sky socks standing sword symbol-shaped_pupils teeth thighhighs tree two-tone_hair weapon white_bow white_bowtie white_shorts x-shaped_pupils

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