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Japanese artist and circle. Makes pictures and CG games based around lolicon.









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 0123456789 1girl age_difference censored loli long_hair masturbation mosaic_censoring multiple_tails penis tagme tail two_tails
 0123456789 2girls brown_eyes brown_hair closed_eyes groin kaminagi_ryouko looking_back miniskirt multiple_girls panties short_hair simple_background skirt thighs underwear uniform zegapain
 0123456789 1girl animal_ears black_socks cat_ears cat_tail green_eyes hood hoodie kneehighs lifted_by_self lowleg panties pulling sanya_v._litvyak short_hair side-tie_panties silver_hair simple_background socks strike_witches tail underwear white_background world_witches_series
0123456789 2girls black_eyes black_hair blue_ribbon breasts loli multiple_girls pants ribbon short_hair small_breasts topless underwear underwear_only whipped_cream
 00s 0123456789 1boy 1girl anus arm_support barefoot blonde_hair blush blush_stickers capcom censored cleft_of_venus desk disembodied_penis drill_hair feet flat_chest footjob full_body green_eyes hair_ornament hair_ribbon hetero leg_up loli long_hair luna_platz_(mega_man) mega_man_(series) mega_man_star_force mosaic_censoring nipples nude penis pussy reclining ribbon simple_background smile solo_focus toes twin_drills twintails white_background
 0123456789 10s 1girl blush hair_ribbon hat long_hair looking_at_viewer open_mouth ribbon robot_girls_z shiny_skin simple_background solo syringe twintails very_long_hair wings

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