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A male Artist and Mangaka born on July 15, 1963 in Osaka. He is most well known for his cyberpunk manga and artwork, such as A.D._Police_Files and Genocyber and was most active as an artist during the 1990s. His manga tend to quite short, often lasting just one volume, with his sci fi series Kishiwada_Hakase_no_Kagakueki_Aijou being his longest running work at 12 volumes.


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 1980s_(style) 1girl armor ass body_armor bottomless breasts bubblegum_crisis butt_crack character_request commentary cropped damaged debris english_commentary glint highres lips looking_at_viewer machinery mecha medium_breasts official_art oldschool painting_(medium) power_armor priscilla_asagiri promotional_art retro_artstyle robot scan science_fiction tony_takezaki traditional_media undressing
 2girls 5boys aida_kensuke arm_behind_head black_hair blue_eyes breasts brown_hair camera fake_screenshot glasses hand_on_own_hip horaki_hikari ikari_shinji large_breasts long_hair low_twintails model_pose multiple_boys multiple_girls neon_genesis_evangelion official_art one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_hair recording school_uniform shirt short_hair smile souryuu_asuka_langley suzuhara_touji tokyo-3_middle_school_uniform tony_takezaki twintails wink
1girl 2boys aged_down belt breasts cima_garahau frown greyscale gundam gundam_0083 hair_behind_ear unworn_headwear helmet unworn_helmet highres looking_back looking_to_the_side medium_breasts monochrome multiple_boys pilot_suit scan scan_artifacts shaded_face shadow third-party_source tony_takezaki
 1990s_(style) 1girl a.d._police_files artist_name blue_one-piece_swimsuit breasts brown_hair cable casual_one-piece_swimsuit cleavage copyright_name covered_erect_nipples covering_own_eyes cyborg dated eyeball facing_viewer floating_hair graffiti hand_on_own_thigh highres holding jeena_malso large_breasts lips long_hair mechanical_arms muscular muscular_female one-piece_swimsuit pursed_lips realistic retro_artstyle scan signature single_mechanical_arm solo strap_gap swimsuit tan toned tony_takezaki traditional_media wall wire yellow_background
 1990s_(style) a.d._police_files android badge cyberpunk emblem english_text head no_humans police realistic retro_artstyle robot science_fiction skull sword tony_takezaki traditional_media weapon wings
 1990s_(style) 1girl a.d._police_files amputee android bad_end blue_skin breasts building cable cloud colored_skin cyberpunk damaged highres impaled lips mechanical_parts medium_breasts monochrome nipples outdoors realistic red_sky retro_artstyle ruins science_fiction sky solo spot_color tony_takezaki traditional_media wire

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