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Depicted when the clothing leaves a gap that does not cover the top part of the ass cheeks.

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 1girl absurdres animal_costume animal_ear_hood ass ass_cutout black_panties breasts breasts_out brown_hair clothing_cutout drooling fake_animal_ears fangs highres hood hood_up multiple_views nipples original panties sanshuixi solo tongue tongue_out underwear white_panties
 1boy 1girl all_fours anal_beads ass ass_cutout beads bed bed_sheet bouncing_breasts breasts caisan clothing_cutout commentary_request condom cum cum_in_pussy cum_on_ass egg_vibrator grabbing_another's_hair heart honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) kafka_(honkai:_star_rail) large_breasts long_hair motion_blur motion_lines pantyhose pon pov purple_hair sex sex_toy spanked spanking used_condom vibrator
 3girls anya_(spy_x_family) arachnart artist_name ass ass_cutout back_cutout black_hair bodysuit brown_hair butt_crack capcom child chun-li clothing_cutout double_buns english_text from_behind highres huge_ass multiple_girls nude patreon_username pink_hair revealing_clothes spy_x_family street_fighter street_fighter_6 sweat tagme thick_thighs thighs wide_hips yor_briar
 1girl ass ass_cutout butt_crack clothing_cutout highres huge_ass jujunaught jujutsu_kaisen muscular muscular_female scar short_hair torn_clothes zenin_maki
2023 2girls adjusting_clothes armband artist_name ass ass_cutout ass_focus asymmetrical_bangs batpornery black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_leotard bob_cut breasts brown_eyes capcom clothing_cutout collarbone commentary cowboy_shot domino_mask elbow_cutout english_commentary female_focus frills from_behind gradient_background grey_background hand_on_own_chest highres hip_focus holding holding_microphone huge_ass large_breasts leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back mask microphone multiple_girls muscular muscular_female open_mouth rainbow_mika red_leotard short_hair shoulder_cutout sideboob simple_background smirk standing street_fighter street_fighter_v teeth thick_thighs thighs twintails upper_teeth_only very_long_hair wide_hips yamato_nadeshiko_(street_fighter)
 1girl ass ass_cutout back blonde_hair blue_leotard clothing_cutout cropped_legs domino_mask elbow_cutout frills from_behind hair_pulled_back heart_cutout highres leotard long_hair mask nom1207 rainbow_mika revealing_clothes shoulder_cutout solo standing street_fighter street_fighter_v twintails very_long_hair wrestler wrestling_mask wrestling_outfit

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