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This tag is currently ambiguous; it refers to either the natural ligaments of a creature or the representation of a character's hand when acting in an agressive and raging way. For the equippable weapon that is often fitted over the forearm, please use claws_(weapon).

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black_hair blaziken blonde_hair brown_eyes claws creatures_(company) fire game_freak gen_3_pokemon gen_4_pokemon highres koya10305 lucario nintendo no_humans open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_mystery_dungeon red_eyes riolu signature spikes torchic
 2013 2boys bed chair claws cyclops dated extra_arms glasses green_eyes indoors mike_wazowski monster_boy monsters_university multiple_boys no_humans one-eyed open_mouth playing punkatory randall_boggs rug sharp_teeth sketch smile sweatdrop teeth twister
 absurdres aggron armor blue_sclera border claws colored_sclera creatures_(company) from_side game_freak gen_3_pokemon grass hida_rite highres nintendo no_humans pokemon pokemon_(creature) smile solo walking white_border
 0kazu10001 absurdres bowl brown_eyes claws creatures_(company) fang food game_freak gen_4_pokemon happy highres leafeon lettuce nintendo no_humans open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(creature) ranch salad smile sweat tomato
claws creatures_(company) fang floragato game_freak leaf nagato_reu nintendo open_mouth pink_eyes pokemon pokemon_(creature) scarf solo white_background yo-yo
blush claws closed_mouth creatures_(company) floragato frown game_freak hinakoiroiro nintendo no_humans pink_eyes pokemon pokemon_(creature) scarf standing

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